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mirror man

a horror story

By River JoyPublished 13 days ago Updated 8 days ago 3 min read
"Mirror Man" River 2023

the mirror showed a reflection that was not my own

i walk towards it, its eyes hold me strong

i am not scared, for i have been here before

the hallway is long, i know not what’s in store

i reach the mirror, no light in their hall

my hand goes up to the glass i see its thoughts stall

it moves back as i dance forward

my hand hits the glass the feeling is violent and familiar

i notice the eyes are someone so similar

maybe my yesterday is haunting my dreams

my feet feel all solid, so it’s not what it seems

maybe the voice in my head is still honest

this reflection i see is her fear incarnate

it twists and it turns and it pierces my armor

i lean in close so my breath fogs the mirror

it steps away, whispering how could you harm her

i pull my hand away, is that my blood?

it cant be the pain is not mine to have

i am still frozen in place, my heart out of fear

the mirror still questions, it still holds me tight

i think its eyes change to mirror her fright

she wants to remind me of all of the tears

but i am not scared, it reminds me of home

for fear is not for me it’s for her alone

the mirror it showed me as not who i know

but they might just recognize me and beg for another show

it tells me that my work is not quite done

i have a few more clients to spread some more love

i’ll finish the night without a second look back

my guilt is not mine, it’s who i leave alive in their shack

the mirror it showed me who i really am

by the adrenaline rush with a slice of my hand

is more than i can bear to resist

i’ve gotten quite good all you need is to persist

i can’t leave the mirror though, i’m going to get caught

if i can’t figure it out i’ll leave here all fraught

that mirror it whispers, you know to get going

i can’t help but talk back, i know what line i’m toeing

i hear a creak behind me, the first thing to make me jump

my eyes don’t move from the mirror, but i can’t help but look up

bigger than me, bigger than the stranger in the glass

he holds her in his arms, those arms made of brass

can’t you see the creature in the mirror i demand?

he places her down, makes almost no sound

i pull out my knife, still gleaming with her blood

his head tilts to the side, i think he’s sizing me up

he does not know what i know, that the creature in the mirror

comes along with me on jobs that may end in fear

i give him the warning, i give to all that aren’t mine

step away from the girl, you won’t find me kind

he takes a step forward, no hope in his face

my mirror man stretches out slowly, he’s not in a race

his twisted and tangled and terrifying eyes

come forward to take on this new kind of guy

the mirror shatters and my mirror man says

hey this is her biz

you wont find one better, i stand with her always

you are not on the list tonight so i suggest you don’t stay

the man’s eyes glazed over, an otherworldly power

he sets my client down, i start my daily scour

my mirror man meets me back at my home

i never clean where i live, so my bed is ready and warm

tomorrow again i’ll start a new day

it depends on what my mirror man has to say

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About the Creator

River Joy

I make things with paint and words and light. I was once described as an asshole with Mr. Rodgers vibes.

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  • Rick Henry Christopher8 days ago

    Really very good. Well done.

  • JBaz8 days ago

    I don't know how you did that. A creepy horror poem. Wonderful

  • Gina C.8 days ago

    Wow! This is so eerie yet beautiful in a way. I love that you chose to tell this story through poetry. This entry definietly stands out with its unique and captivating structure. Very well done! 😊

  • Leslie Writes9 days ago

    This is so unique and very creepy. Also, the art you made goes perfectly with the vibe of this piece.

  • Em Starrrrr13 days ago

    I LOVE this eery and captivating poem, River. What a clever take on the challenge. This gave me gothic horror vibes in a modern day setting—so cool. Also, I don't know if it was intentional but I think the last word may have dropped off the last line. I totally read it as "it depends on what my mirror man has to say"...was that what it was supposed to be? Either way, this is wonderful work. That line—I think its eyes change to mirror her fright— is soooo good.

  • Nice one ❤️✨

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