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wind proof

A limerick

By River JoyPublished 14 days ago Updated 9 days ago 1 min read
"Shh" River 2016

there were days i would stand on the roof

unafraid i was not wind proof

now i am in bed by nine

and frankly do not have the time

to take myself seriously enough to yell doom

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About the Creator

River Joy

I make things with paint and words and light. I was once described as an asshole with Mr. Rodgers vibes.

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  • Em Starrrrr13 days ago

    Haha getting older certainly has its perks...so much less to prove!! Terrific stuff, as always, River. And, oh my god, that artwork!! What a gift you have!!

  • Cathy holmes13 days ago

    Nicely done.

  • me too

  • Nice one River Joy. I can relate!!!

  • Kim14 days ago


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