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Just A Moment

A first date goes terribly wrong.

By Raphael FontenellePublished about a month ago 3 min read
Just A Moment
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In an instant, your whole world can completely change. And rarely is it for the better. Most of the time it can be for the worst. I’m pretty sure that it can always be for the worst.

So very much for the worst.

I had already been antsy all day before the thing had happened. It was going to be my first date in a long time. Moving from state to state can really make it difficult. Especially when you move only two to three months or so. Doing your best to not make friends with your neighbors. Or anyone that you work with during that time. But I don’t think I need to mention that it is super lonely. Never letting anyone in or allowing them to know you.

So, I stupidly tried to make friends this time around. Got a date with someone that I worked with. A very sweet boy that is-was my age.

Oh lord, what I had done.

It was so difficult to keep my thoughts together as I got ready. My hands were shaking so much that I almost cut myself shaving. So much so that I doubted my date would’ve liked seeing blood on my face. And neither would I. I gripped the sides of the sink to try to ground myself.

I really tried so hard.

So much so that I almost thought of giving up on the date. Calling my co-worker, Orion, and tell him that I was feeling sick. That I caught something. And in all honesty, it didn’t seem to be a lie or anything. I was feeling gross at that moment. Much too hot and sore for some reason.

So very sore.

But I didn’t want to let him down and chicken out. After all I would be seeing him the next day and I had no idea what to say. What kind of excuse I could come up with. In that moment my mind just wasn’t coming up with anything. Anything aside from maybe a killer migraine. Though I wasn’t entirely certain that he would believe me.

Well, my anxiety didn’t want to.

It took a while for me to get myself properly oriented and dressed. Splashing on some cologne that I thought would be impressive for Orion. I should have known something was up when my nose wrinkled at the whiff of it. Despite how little I had gotten on myself it smelled very overpowering. Yet somehow, I thought I was just overreacting to it. Maybe it was my nerves or something. So, I did my best to ignore as I slid on my favorite shoes as I heard Orion pull up in my driveway.

Soon as I got in, we both smiled awkwardly at each other.

We tried to make small talk and it felt much too awkward for us both. I couldn’t stop my thoughts from racing as we drove along. He hadn’t told us what we were going to do before we got on the highway. Orion told me,’I hope you don’t mind, Sunshine. But I thought it was such a beautiful night that we should have a picnic in the woods.’

‘Oh, that’s awesome. I love that.’,I had lied. I wasn’t a huge fan of the woods. Especially when I felt this antsy at that moment. For whatever reason my heart was beating harder than normal. Despite the fact I hadn’t had any caffeine at all today. Since I woke up feeling so weird I skipped having my morning coffee.

Or anytime during the day.

Looking out the window, I had this strange sort of shiver going up my spine. And when I saw it, I froze in my seat. It felt like what was happening was hours, but it had been a minute. A cloud moved out of the way of the moon and I found myself unable to tear my gaze from it. My vision instantly tunnled as I felt my teeth grow sharper. The last thing I remembered before my limbs started to snap was,’Sunny are you okay?’

Then the whole world faded out of existence.


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Raphael Fontenelle

Horror movie fan trying to write decent horror.

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  • Oneg In The Arctic9 days ago

    Omgosh I want more. I need a part 2!

  • ThatWriterWomanabout a month ago

    This is so spooky! I love it!

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