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Junji Ito: Cloth Teacher

Japanese Horror: Contains elements of horror that may be unsettling for some readers

By Mika OkaPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

In this story, titled "Mannequin Teacher" in the manga version and "Cloth Teacher" in the animation version, both terms are used to refer to the mysterious entity that takes the form of a teacher. Throughout the narrative, the character is commonly referred to as the "mannequin teacher" due to its appearance and behavior. In the alternate title, the term "cloth teacher" is also mentioned, representing the animated adaptation of the story.

There are three formats available for today's story featuring Souichi. The first format is a video, which can be found in the post titled "Junji Ito: The Ongoing Tale of Oshikiri." For those unable to access the video due to location restrictions, there will also be a written version of the story. Lastly, to enhance the reader's experience and provide a visual representation, a comic strip has been curated based on the sequence of the narrative. The intention behind presenting the story in multiple formats is to offer a comprehensive understanding of Souichi's character, as he is a regular in Junji Ito's work.

Having engaged in discussions about this peculiar individual, I recognized the need to showcase his eccentricities through different mediums, allowing readers to delve deeper into his world.

NOTE : This post will be lengthy, but the aim is to provide a well-rounded portrayal of Souichi to cater to a wider audience. If you would like to read the complete comic strip, you may visit the manga website listed.

With the start of the new school term came a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation, as students eagerly reunited and teachers prepared for the challenges ahead. However, amidst the familiar faces, a mischievous menace loomed in the form of Souichi, the notorious class oddball.


Known for his unpredictable pranks and relentless pursuit of chaos, Souichi had already become a legend within the school. But it was a recent incident that took the embarrassment to new heights when Souichi's unfortunate exposure of his buttocks to the entire school became the talk of the campus. Now, as the school returned to its daily routines, a collective sense of curiosity and apprehension lingered in the air, for everyone knew that with Souichi's presence, each day would be filled with laughter, madness, and the unexpected twists that only he could deliver.


On the first day of the new school term, an undeniable strangeness surrounded the teacher, particularly his unusually close bond with Souichi, the class oddball. As time passed, the students began to notice that something mysterious was at play.

The class president, suspicious of Souichi's involvement in the teacher's odd behavior, confronted him. Souichi, known for his mischievous nature, saw no reason to halt his pranks and evaded the class president's pursuit by climbing over a fence.


In the chaos, the class president accidentally tugged on Souichi's pants, causing them to slip and revealing his bare behind to everyone nearby.


Fueled by resentment, Souichi plotted his revenge that night, vowing to make the class president pay for witnessing his exposed posterior. He placed a curse on him, promising dire consequences.


The following day, to the class president's shock, a full-grown man's beard inexplicably sprouted on his face, turning him into the center of attention, especially in the presence of the voodoo mannequin teacher who brandished a razor blade.


A struggle ensued, resulting in the mannequin teacher accidentally severing its own cloth finger.


Later, the female teacher who had tried to intervene became a voodoo mannequin herself, attempting to attack her students.

The quick-thinking class president managed to ward her off by setting her on fire with a bonfire nearby, allowing them to escape.

In Souichi's attic, they discovered a mannequin modeled after the class president.

The next day, chaos ensued as all the mannequins wreaked havoc throughout the school grounds.


Souichi's plan backfired once again when the mannequin he created turned against him. With the mannequin teacher grabbing onto his shorts, and exposing his buttocks again, Souichi was filled with horror. Desperate, he commanded the mannequins to let go, and they all instantly fell lifeless, their spell broken at their master's command.

After this, the bizarre incident at the school came to a close. The female teacher was found collapsed at her home, and it was revealed that the first teacher had been the one staring at the bonfire at the park.

Once again, the story takes an unexpected turn as the consequences of Souichi's actions reverberate, revealing the unpredictable nature of his mischief and the unforeseen outcomes that unfold.

There are 2 stories in this video. Cloth Teacher starts at 11.52. There maybe country restriction depending on your location.

My Interpretative Reflection

Junji Ito's story about Souichi, the class oddball, carries a subtle social commentary on the unpredictable nature of chaos and how our actions can lead to unintended consequences.

Souichi represents the disruptive force that exists within society. His penchant for pranks and mischief mirrors how unpredictability can disrupt the order and routine of our lives. This disruption is often met with curiosity and apprehension, reflecting how people tend to react to those who challenge societal norms.

The incident involving Souichi's exposed buttocks can be seen as a commentary on the consequences of our actions and how they can lead to embarrassment and humiliation. It serves as a reminder that our behavior can have lasting effects on our reputation and relationships with others.

The introduction of the voodoo mannequin and the curses further emphasize the idea that chaos and unpredictability can have far-reaching consequences. The mannequins coming to life and wreaking havoc symbolize how chaos can quickly spiral out of control, affecting not only the instigator but also those around them.

The story's conclusion, with Souichi losing control over the mannequins, highlights that even those who thrive on chaos can eventually face the repercussions of their actions. It suggests that there is a limit to how much disruption and unpredictability society can tolerate before it backfires.

I'm just a humble fan who loves all things Japanese and hopes to bring a little bit of that love to you. Arigatou gozaimasu!


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