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The dark side of grandma's house

Grandmother's house

By Jessen ArdiansahPublished about a month ago 2 min read
The dark side of grandma's house
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Every summer, Emily visited her grandmother's house, a grand, Victorian-era mansion nestled in the woods. Despite its charm, there was always something unsettling about the old house. Shadows seemed to stretch a little too long, and strange noises echoed through the halls at night.

One summer, when Emily was twelve, her grandmother fell ill. Emily was sent to stay with her to help around the house. As soon as she arrived, she noticed a change. The air felt colder, heavier, as if the house was alive and watching her.

One evening, while helping her grandmother to bed, Emily heard faint whispers coming from the attic. Her grandmother's eyes widened in fear, and she gripped Emily's arm with surprising strength. "Never go up there," she whispered. "Promise me."

Emily nodded, but curiosity gnawed at her. Late that night, unable to sleep, she tiptoed up the creaky stairs to the attic. The whispers grew louder, more distinct. She could almost make out words, but they were in a language she didn't understand. As she reached the top of the stairs, the attic door creaked open by itself, revealing a dark, dusty room filled with old furniture and cobwebs.

In the center of the attic was an old, ornate mirror covered with a thick, dusty sheet. Drawn to it, Emily hesitated before pulling the sheet away. The mirror was beautiful, with an intricately carved frame, but the glass was dark and cloudy. As she stared into it, shapes began to form—ghostly figures, their faces twisted in agony.

Suddenly, one of the figures lunged toward her from within the mirror. Emily stumbled back, her heart pounding. The figure stopped at the edge of the glass, trapped but reaching out desperately. "Help us," it whispered, its voice filled with despair.

Terrified, Emily ran back to her room, but sleep eluded her. The next day, she confronted her grandmother, demanding to know the truth about the mirror. Her grandmother's face paled, and she sighed deeply. "Our family has a dark history," she began. "The mirror is a portal to the other side, a place where spirits are trapped. Our ancestors dabbled in dark magic, and those spirits seek revenge."

Emily wanted to destroy the mirror, but her grandmother warned against it. "Breaking it could release the spirits into our world," she explained. "We must find another way."

Determined to free the trapped souls, Emily spent the following days researching the family's history. She discovered a ritual that could break the mirror's curse and free the spirits without releasing them. It required a rare herb, which only grew in the deepest part of the woods.

One stormy night, Emily ventured into the woods, facing her fears. She found the herb, but as she returned to the house, she felt an ominous presence following her. Back in the attic, she performed the ritual. The spirits writhed and screamed within the mirror, but as she completed the incantation, they began to fade, their expressions of agony turning to relief.

The mirror shattered, but instead of unleashing chaos, a gentle breeze filled the room, and the oppressive weight lifted. Emily's grandmother, weak but relieved, hugged her tightly. "You've done it," she whispered. "You've freed them."

From that night on, the house felt lighter, brighter. The shadows no longer lingered, and the whispers ceased. Emily had confronted the darkness of her grandmother's house and emerged victorious, ending the curse that had haunted her family for generations.


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  • Khanabout a month ago

    Oh what an interesting read ❤️

Jessen ArdiansahWritten by Jessen Ardiansah

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