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Hotel supernatural story

Abandoned hotel

By Jessen ArdiansahPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Hotel supernatural story
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In the heart of a forgotten town, shrouded in mist and surrounded by overgrown trees, stood the abandoned Hotel Delmare. Once a grand establishment, it now loomed like a decaying specter, its windows shattered, and its once-luxurious facade crumbling away.

Legend had it that the hotel was cursed, built upon the site of an ancient burial ground. Locals whispered of strange disappearances and eerie sightings within its walls, warning others to stay away. But curiosity, as it often does, lured a group of thrill-seekers one fateful night.

Among them was Sarah, a skeptic who scoffed at the tales of ghosts and curses. With her friends in tow, she ventured into the hotel, determined to prove that the stories were nothing but superstition. As they stepped through the broken entrance, the air grew thick with foreboding, and a chill ran down their spines.

Inside, the hotel was a maze of decrepit corridors and dimly lit rooms, each echoing with the whispers of the past. As they explored further, they stumbled upon remnants of the hotel's former glory—a grand ballroom with faded chandeliers, a dusty dining hall frozen in time.

But as the night wore on, they began to feel a presence lurking in the shadows, watching their every move. Doors slammed shut on their own, and whispers echoed through the empty halls. Sarah laughed off their fear, dismissing it as their imagination running wild.

Until they reached the top floor.

There, in the darkness, they found a room unlike any other. The walls were adorned with strange symbols, and a sense of dread hung heavy in the air. Against Sarah's protests, one of her friends dared to touch a cursed artifact hidden in the room—a small, intricately carved statue.

Instantly, the atmosphere shifted. The temperature plummeted, and the walls seemed to pulse with a malevolent energy. Sarah's friends screamed in terror as the shadows coalesced into twisted forms, their eyes glowing with hunger.

With no way out, Sarah and her friends were trapped in a nightmare, hunted by vengeful spirits eager to claim their souls. As they fled through the hotel's labyrinthine halls, they encountered horrors beyond their worst nightmares—apparitions of the dead, grotesque creatures that defied explanation.

Desperate and outnumbered, Sarah searched for a way to break the curse and escape the hotel's grasp. But with each passing moment, the darkness closed in around them, threatening to consume their very souls.

In the end, only Sarah emerged from the depths of the abandoned hotel, her friends lost to the darkness that dwelled within. Haunted by their screams and the horrors she had witnessed, she vowed never to return to the cursed halls of Hotel Delmare, a grim reminder of the price of curiosity and the power of the supernatural.

As Sarah emerged from the hotel, the first rays of dawn broke through the clouds, casting a faint glimmer of hope upon the desolate landscape. But as she looked back at the looming silhouette of Hotel Delmare, she knew that some nightmares never truly ended. And as long as the cursed hotel stood, its dark secrets would continue to lure unsuspecting souls into its grasp, forever bound by its malevolent power.Start writing...


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    Jessen ArdiansahWritten by Jessen Ardiansah

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