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By Tonmoy Roy Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Saw was given a miracle cure for cancer. Instead of being cured, he is tricked, which triggers a new sadistic game of Jigsaw. I also take part in the '039 series; The longest film of all time will be Shawnee Smith's Amanda Young, a franchise veteran who first appeared in 2004's Saw. Saw has a particularly positive opinion of the film. Chris Killian of Comicbook.com considered Saw X "hands down the best ".

While I was at Universal today, the social embargo was lifted, so I can say that "Saw X" is terrible, hard to watch, and probably the best "Saw" sequel of the last 15 years. It fits perfectly between 1 and 2 and reveals a side of Jigsaw we've never seen before. “Saw” fans will be thrilled.

Nightmare Summon'039; Shannon McGrew said viewers would "get a deeper look into [brand villain John Kramer]": , "With the social embargo lifted, I'm happy to report that I've seen one of the BEST additions to the series. Series."It recreates the original essence of the first film while giving audiences a deeper insight into [John] Kramer. Also, traps are *Koch’s kiss*”

Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth explained how "I saw that I had been drinking"; Film] I saw it. Tobin Bell is truly exceptional in this role and I understand why interest wanes without him and he plays this role often. I think fans will like it, but does that make it new? I'm still undecided. Simon Thompson announced that in his opinion the tenth part is "definitely one of the best in the series":

"['Saw X'] is definitely one of the best in the series."Putting John Kramer in the spotlight more than ever works beautifully and Tobin Bell is stunning. Amanda Returns is brilliantly designed and the traps are some of the b

est, even if they are silent. Vannah Taylor agrees with the general consensus that "this is certainly one of the best films in the entire series"; the one that "presents a more moving story":

"I can confidently say that, in my opinion, 'Saw “Saw” film, this new work delivers a more moving story than I expected..oh, it's a damn good time. Russ Milheim, owner of The Direct, was pleased with the film, stating: "The ultimate sadistic puzzler is big to the bone":

"The ultimate sadistic puzzler is big to the bone and offers a compelling story. Next level deathtraps and good acting from the entire cast. Will viewers love Saw Tomatoes in its story.The series' highest score for the original 2004 film was 50%, while the lowest score for Saw: The Final Chapter was 9%. The critical reception of Saw If the film's box office returns match such a positive reception, fans shouldn't be the least bit worried about the series. Future. But what will Saw XI be like? Will be. on the series&039; Future. But what will Saw XI look like? It will be a prequel like Saw . The time will tell. Given that Tobin Bell's involvement apparently had a major impact on the positive reception of this tenth film, Lionsgate will certainly want to keep him in the film in some capacity. Saw X hits theaters on September 29th.

If the film's performance at the box office lines up with that positive reception, fans should not be worried in the slightest about the series' future.

But what will a Saw XI look like? Will it serve as a prequel like Saw X did, or might it jump back to the story's present day, where plot threads from Jigsaw and Spiral are still dangling?

Only time will tell. But, given how Tobin Bell's involvement seems to be a big part of why this tenth movie is well received, Lionsgate will certainly want to keep him in the picture somehow.

Saw X hits theaters on September 29.

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