Hunting Smile

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My Worst Nightmare

Hunting Smile

It all started the day I was walking home from school when halfway there, I ran into my street and there was a little girl looking at me. She was dressed in old clothes. She had a deep look and a smile from ear to ear that made me shiver. I ignored it and continued with my path. Just as I was about to arrive at my home, I saw that she was outside, smiling at me.

Nervous, I tried to evade it and I went as fast as I could.

A while later, I was talking to some of my friends on Facebook about the school and the short story that we had been asked to write for the next day. At that time, I received a request for friendship and without thinking much, I pressed the accept button.

It was not until seconds later when I looked at the profile picture of that unknown user that fear came back to take over me. It was the photograph of the same smiling girl who was harassing me. I quickly closed my laptop and unplugged it. What I did not suspect was that the real nightmare was about to begin.

Over the next two months, I got to see her in every place I went to and also outside my house. I could not stand that damn smile.

Worst of all, it was when my friends assured me that they did not see anyone. If they were playing a joke with me, it was definitely the cruelest thing they had ever tried with me.

One day, tired of the harassment, I decided to face her. With all the courage I could get, I walked towards her. Her smile wasn't going anywhere. I felt as if she wanted to intimidate me and honestly, I think she was.

"Why are you following me? Who are you?!"

The little girl broadened her smile to such an extent that she stopped looking human. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was so strange, I started to panic.

"You're becoming my worst nightmare!"

She responded with a smile and followed it with a laugh in such an unhealthy way, I had to run away to not die of fear right there.

Six months passed, long and unbearable. The smiling girl was driving me crazy.

I finally made a decision that if she did not leave me alone, I would have to finish her off. So I took a knife and left the house once more, but nothing went as planned.

My friends met me to find out the truth behind the girl who kept smiling at me. We walked together to where she was and it was then when she revealed her true self.

The little girl scratched me, wounded me, and full of anger, she showed me two hideous fangs in her evil smile. I barely managed to escape. At least now my friends could see it. It was then when my friends actually saw her and believed me.

Now she follows me from afar, still smiling as if warning me that no matter what I do, she will never get away from me.

Twelve years have passed since that madness was unleashed. Lately, I have not seen the girl so much, which is a relief. Despite my fears, I managed to fall in love and I married the woman who I consider the love of my life. Together, we just had a baby. She is beautiful, the cutest little girl in the world. Although...there is something about her that makes me uncomfortable.

And it is that, from the first time I saw her, I realized that my daughter did not stop smiling.

She has such a broad smile that she does not even seem human.

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