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Haunted Couch!

True Story!

By *.:ButterflyStars:.*Published 4 years ago 3 min read

When I was seven years old, my mom, dad, baby sister and I was living in a town house in Maryland.

My mom had a best friend named Lisa. She was our neighbor two doors down from us. One day early in the morning my mom received a phone call from Lisa and she was really upset and crying so hard. She found her mother that morning dead on the floor. This was really unexpected, sudden, and very mysterious because she was just fine the day before and with nothing wrong with her at all. So after days pass, Lisa gives us her moms couch because she was ready to clear out her mom’s apartment. That’s when it all started...

The first couple of days were fine. But then things started to happen.

First, we noticed the stove was coming on by itself with the flame high and we kept smelling gas in the house. Second, doors would slam shut by itself with no windows open or air coming in the house. When we would come home the doors would slam! We thought it was my dad but when I called out “daddy” there was no answer. I checked the rooms and no one was there. At night the tv would come on by itself and change channels. I woke up and turned it off but it always came back on. I was so scared I ran to my parents room then after I left the room the door slammed behind me!

At times I would be walking to my room and the door would slam right in my face! Then, we would be downstairs watching tv and the front door would open so fast by itself. Mind you the front door was a really hard door to open and you needed force to open it because the hinges were messed up. We were getting frightened and tired of living like this.

My parents then found someone to come and bless the house. I remember the man was not happy when he was inside our house. He asked if someone recently died here. Then my mom explained about Lisa’s situation. So my mom came to realize it had something to do with the couch. The man layed his hands on the couch and said “There is a dark presence here you must get rid of this couch”! He said it’s very angry

and wants to do harm.

My mom called Lisa and told her what has been going on at our house and what the man had said. Lisa tells my mom that the couch was her mom’s favorite piece of furniture. My mom tried to give the couch back to Lisa but she didn’t want the couch back because it was too hard for her. So my mom and Lisa agreed to just throw it out to the trash. So we ended up throwing out the couch that night. That’s when everything stopped!

Then the next day we saw a lady get the couch. Then we noticed things started happening to her. One morning we saw her outside trying to start her car. Her car broke down all of a sudden! She also got locked out of her house with the keys inside. We over heard her talking on her cell saying the door just slammed behind her and locked.

I always thought it was Lisa’s mom’s spirit attached to the couch and she didn’t want anyone to have the couch but her daughter. But now I realize ghosts are not real. So, could it been a demon? I always wondered if Lisa’s mom was involved in something to just go all of a sudden?

I’ll never know...

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    *.:ButterflyStars:.*Written by *.:ButterflyStars:.*

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