Hansel & Gretel Pt. 1

by Ambry'on James about a year ago in fiction

The modern story of two twins who would do anything to keep each other safe, even if it means someone else doesn't make it.

Hansel & Gretel Pt. 1

“Come on, kids. Our plane leaves in two hours and with all this traffic, it is going to take about 45 minutes to get to the airport!” Sarah yells up the staircase.

“Do we have to go to New Jersey? I don’t want to leave. I could stay at Hannah’s house. I know her parents would be cool with it,” says Gretel as she finishes braiding her dutch braid before starting down the stairs.

With a hint of irritability in his voice, he says, “You are not leaving me alone with them. Think again, my wonderful sister.” He walks by, tapping her shoulder and giving her a strange look of endearment.

Hansel and Gretel are twins, both with the same thick, long brown hair. Their eyes are a hazel green, almosts like a swamp green with a sparkle to it. They grew up in London with their father after their mother had passed. They don’t talk about her much since their father had remarried. His new wife didn’t like them to speak of her. She wanted to be the only woman, or person, in their father’s life. Their father, Stephen Walsh, was a very wealthy man. He had worked in a paper mill for years before finally being able to move up the chain of command. He is now the owner of the mill and makes great money. Shortly after getting promoted, he met a not-so-nice young woman, Sarah Sheperd. Stephen fell hard for Sarah, spent every dime he could on her. He began working more to support her greed for money and left her to take care of the children. For 11 years now, Hansel and Gretel have had to cater to Sarah’s every whim and if they refused, it was to the basement for them. They are now almost 18 and ready to be on their own.

“Guys, grab your things and get in the car. We need to meet your father at the hotel,” Sarah says.

They get in the car and head towards the airport. When they arrive at the airport, they begin boarding the plane. Gretel finds her seat while Hansel helps Sarah with her luggage. When he reaches his seat next to his sister, he looks at her face and can see she is worried. Her glowing green eyes are dull and have a distant look in them, as if she is lost in thought.

“Sis, you okay?”

“Uh, yeah, Hans. I'm fine.”

“Everything is going to be okay. After this little family time, we stay here and they go back. You remember the plan, right?”

She doesn’t respond. They sit silently for a brief moment.

She sighs, “Yes. I remember the plan, but if you remember correctly we also don’t know the details of their plans. What if Dad isn’t going to go with her plans? He loves us, Hans? How could he possibly abandon his only kids?”

“Gretel, we have been over this before. He has always chosen her over us, since day one. That is why we are leaving first. As soon as we can get away from that witch. Get some rest, Grets. We will be at the hotel soon to see father. We will determine if now is the right time to go then. Sleep now, save your energy.” He hands her a blanket and they both curl up in their seats and fall asleep.


Please feel free to leave a message or anything with some advice. Not quite sure where to go with the story from here so any suggestions are welcome. Enjoy the read (:

Ambry'on James
Ambry'on James
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