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A 'Pug'-tual Personality

Do you, or anyone you know, own a Pug? You ever wonder what's going on in their heads or why they are so unpredictable? Here are some pug facts.

By Ambry'on JamesPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

Sometimes I think to myself, "Is this normal? Are other pugs like this?" After doing a little interweb searching I found out that he isn't the only wacky pug.

1. Pugs are not guard dogs.

Sadly, Pugs do not make very good guard dogs. As from experience, I know that my pug is very loyal and would definitely try to save me, but due to his size and his small snout it isn't effective. Because pugs were bred to be lap dogs, they are more welcoming (to people) than aggressive. Yes, they may bark at a newcomer but as long as they get some love, all is well.

2. If attention isn't being given, it will be taken.

Pugs are companion dogs and they thrive on attention. If they don't receive the affection they want from their owner, they will take matters into their own hands. What I mean by that is your pup will more than likely follow you around the home, or wherever it may be. Any chance they get, they will hop into your lap in hopes of some kisses. And if you don't enjoy your pet laying under the covers with you, be ready to battle him for them because they want to lay as close to you as possible.

3. Separation Anxiety )':

Because pugs become so attached, it makes it that much harder to leave him alone. Not all but most pugs suffer from separation anxiety. I'm not sure about every one else, but for me it's hard to go to work when my little fur baby is following me around the house crying because I'm getting ready for work. Pugs can also have anxiety in general. They are sensitive to how you feel and their environment so if you own an anxious pug, be aware of this.

4. Just Something Funny

If you ever see a bunch of pugs anywhere hanging out, it's called a grumble. That's right, a group of these adorable smashed-faced canines is a grumble!

5. Jealous Much?

Like I said before, pugs can be welcoming and friendly to other people, but to other pets, it's a no go. Pugs become territorial over their owners' laps. I'm not saying petting an animal will trigger your pug. Just beware before you thinking about allowing one to relax on your lap. That will set your pug into attack mode if he is as possessive as mine.

I am no expert on pugs. Just know this from my personal experiences. I hope this doesn't deter anyone from picking one of these cute fur babies to take home.


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Ambry'on James

Im 22 years young, I love writing but lack the inspiration occasionally. I’ve changed a lot since I started this and although I didn’t post much prior I plan to publish more and I hope you can see my growth in that. Open to all criticism ☺️

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    Ambry'on JamesWritten by Ambry'on James

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