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The Book Doctor’s review of Jealous Broads Still Envy by Stephen Browder

By Jymyaka BradenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Book Cover for Jealous Broads Still Envy


I read Jealous Broads Still Envy in March of 2019 as a part of the book review club, Paperback Pushers. Despite the fact that I had transitioned from active duty service as a military photojournalist, my trained eye was still at work. I read for leisure constantly but also found myself critiquing and correcting copy almost against my will. When I was invited to a book review group, I utilized that opportunity to relay my feedback directly to the authors themselves. My reviews through Paperback Pushers helped me gain the confidence to transition from reviewing to editing books. Editing books and then working in a book warehouse inspired me to sell books independently. Somewhere in here, The Book Doctor brand was created, and I began to surgically dissect stories down to the core words, sentences and ideas to create more powerful and clear expressions. As I begin to re-introduce myself as a bookseller, I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the books (and authors) that have made a major impact on my life.


Jealous Broads Still Envy is an appealing tale of a good girl gone rogue after being pushed to the ledge. The cover displays three beautiful brown women whose darkness contrasts the ivy-colored cursive script. The graphics were as inviting as the tale was enticing.

Plot Points

Inside the book, Seanna Traylor’s story starts as the teen’s life is disrupted by her mother’s sudden incarceration. Her father’s lover steps up to take custody of her. Soon after, she is at the complete mercy of her wicked half-sisters and their mother when their father is killed in a car accident. Seanna goes from quiet and humble to silently humiliated like a modern-day Cinderella in a Columbia, SC, hood.

The mother ignores as the girls’ mistreatment of their youngest sibling turns to outright abuse. Her neglect turns to betrayal. Then bitterness becomes hate. Seanna absorbs it all, biding her time until she can move on her own and find a way to cope with the abuse.

Her savior comes in the form of young NFL star, Tremaine Simeon. The two meet and begin a careful courtship between seasons. In a short time, they fall in love and he swoops her away from their hometown to Kansas City where his team resides. Unlike the fairytale, Browder explores the damage that lingers long after Prince Charming’s rescue.

Seanna has one too many disappointments before her sorrows shift to a sinister surprise. She eventually morphs into the monster her family made her out to be. Unfortunately for Kansas City, Seanna’s storm rained revenge on the guilty and innocent alike.


The first installment reads like a cautionary tale of what becomes of the bullies. The nerd takes revenge in the ugliest of ways. With therapy and some positive spiritual repairs she could have leveled up in a much more productive way. However, the petty way was much more gratifying!

I give it 4 stars and I already bought part two!

About the Author

Official Author Photo of Stephen Browder

Stephen is a native of Columbia, SC, but came up in the rough and rugged streets of Detroit's westside. It was there that he gained a lot of the life experience that he portrays in a vast majority of his novels. A stickler for originality in fiction, Stephen always aims to challenge conventional wisdom, commonly intermingling modern concepts with the taboo or unorthodox in his works. You never know what to expect one novel to the next, and that's a particular trait that Mr. Browder takes great pride in. Follow Stephen on Facebook @Stephen Browder or visit his website, www.heatblockpublications.com.

He offers special discounts on upcoming releases for subscribers, so that's something that you should keep in mind when visiting the sight.

Genres include the following:




African-American Fiction

Contemporary Women's Fiction

About Me



Currently, my goal is to build a network of black creative entreprenuers to share, build and expand independent wealth. Your tips (of what amount) contribute to that goal one cup of coffee, book, bus ride or piece of equiptment at a time. Thank you all for your support thus far.

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About the Creator

Jymyaka Braden

JJ Braden is an enthusiastic reader & an animated storyteller who believes strongly in the written word to create bridges across worlds, cultures, & timelines. Thru book coaching, she forges a path to publishing for nontraditional creators.

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