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Ghost in Ambala


By NitiPublished about a month ago 3 min read

If you believe in paranormal activities this story is for you. Read in detail and let me know your views so i can write more story and explain you to your query.

These days, a dictatorial atmosphere has developed in village Dukhedi of Ambala, Haryana. After midnight, a person wearing white dhoti and kurta with an iron net on his head enters the village and attacks the women sleeping in the house. It is being told that worship is given in this special temple and farm. After that, there is a war on doctors and women in people's homes. Then it disappears before people's eyes. The picture of this person who spread terror in the village has been captured in the CCTV cameras installed at the intersections of the village. At present there is an atmosphere of fear in the village. Not only this, the villagers have also started guarding the Thikri.

There is an atmosphere of panic these days in village Dukhedi of Ambala. In the dark of night, a person comes to the village in white kurta and lungi and lights a lamp on the temple and farm located there and attacks the women sleeping in the houses of the village. After finding out, the villagers chased him several times, but he disappears in the darkness of the night. There has been an atmosphere of panic regarding this in village Dukhedi for the last several days. Although people have set up a security guard in the village to catch him, but within no time this person disappears in the darkness.

Man caught in CCTV

Jagdish Singh, a resident of the village, told that his house is at the corner of the village. He saw that person entering the cremation ground near the house. The villagers chased him, but could not find where he disappeared into the bushes there. The villagers are very worried about this. They say that this person is wearing a white shirt and white dhoti and is barefoot, but no one is able to catch him.

The village sarpanch says that he came to the village on the night of 26 October and entered a house. As soon as the family members raised an alarm, he ran away from there and entered another house. When there was a commotion there, he disappeared from there too and entered the third house. Switched off the lights of the house and sat on the woman's cot. After this, when the woman called out, her husband woke up. Due to the noise, he ran away from there also. Then on October 28, he entered the house of Raja S/O Jamer Singh near the old post office of the village and switched off the lights of the house.

Then he attacked the waist of the woman sleeping on the bed, due to which she got injured. As soon as the woman screamed, her husband woke up from his sleep and the man fled from the spot. At present, the youth of the village are keeping guard at Thikri and the police has also been informed about this. CCTVs are installed at every intersection in the village, in which photographs of this person were captured. He roams around the village wearing a dhoti kurta and an iron mesh helmet on his head.

This story is true. Now that person will not be there or will not be there. This story is from November 2023, this story may seem a little strange to you but it's true. To listen this type of story subscribe my channel. Thanks for reading my story.

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Thanks for reding, My interest is horror and love story and I will keep sharing it with you.

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