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Folk Tales

Nine-tailed Cat

By 肖湾Published 2 years ago 5 min read
Folk Tales
Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Under the Changbai Mountain, there is a little town secluded from the world, where individuals are straightforward, individuals live and work in harmony and bliss. There was a young fellow named Luo Cheng in the town, who was a vagrant and grew up eating the rice of 100 families. He is attractive, tall, and caring, and is very well known in the town.

This day, Luo Cheng hunting in the mountains, out of nowhere the hunting canine towards a grass yelping fiercely.

Luo Cheng went up to check, it ended up being a creature with a harmed rear leg was clustered in the grass shaking. Luo Cheng took a gander at it ineffectively and had empathy, got it and taken a gander at it cautiously, which terrified him.

Just to see this creature is about a safe distance, covered with long white hair, the hair is pretty much as smooth as silk to the touch, individuals can not give up. Simply take a gander at the front, this is a white feline, yet in addition some charming stance. Yet, is stunning that this feline has grown eight tails behind it. Taking a gander at this eight-followed feline, Luo Cheng thought about a supernatural story told by an elderly person in the town when he was a kid.

The elderly person said that their town had an eight-followed feline, the eight-followed feline followed a young fellow in the town, about a similar size as a tiger, white fur like a shroud of twilight. Its eyes are splendid and divine, as though a look should be visible through, so that individuals dare not gaze directly.

Then, at that point, one evening, the young person lived in the covered rooftop unexpectedly seemed a mainstay of light through the world, the eight-followed feline vanished. Individuals in the town have asked the youngster what occurred, the teen is a grin and not reply.

Afterward, the kid grew up, wedded a delightful lady, brought forth numerous youngsters, the kids are still exceptionally fruitful, each taking off, the family moved out of the mountains, and never returned. Subsequent to hearing this story, Luo Cheng generally trusted that he could likewise meet an eight-followed feline, and presently the amazing eight-followed feline showed up before his eyes.

Luo Cheng was eager to the point that his hands shuddered, and he painstakingly got the eight-followed feline and hurried towards his home. The eight-followed feline appeared to feel Luo Cheng's thoughtfulness, and faithfully shrank in his arms, just the tail delicately influenced, from eight to one. Luo Cheng saw it and just murmured at its knowledge, which is concealing itself, so as not to create an uproar in the town.

Following a couple of days, the eight-followed feline's wounds were practically better under Luo Cheng's cautious consideration, and it frequently looked at Luo Cheng with a trusting and thankful look, as though the coated eyes were talking. That evening, Luo Cheng had a fantasy.

In the fantasy, the eight-followed feline turned into the size of a tiger, yet in addition talked, it told Luo Cheng, he was harmed by the foe's death, and presently its wounds have practically recuperated, it is thankful to Luo Cheng, however it is the ideal opportunity for it to leave. It additionally asked Luo Cheng what he wanted and said he would give a valiant effort to get it going for Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng is a dedicated individual has never preferred to get something in vain, he is currently youthful and solid, sound, and has no troubles, so he can't actually imagine any desires for some time. Subsequent to thinking briefly, he shared with the eight-followed feline, he loves the neighbor's young lady, yet I don't know whether the young lady is likewise keen on him, if conceivable, he trusts that the eight-followed feline can assist him with asking the young lady in a fantasy. In the event that the young lady likewise loved him, he tied a red fabric on the part of the date palm tree in the yard, and he quickly went to the way to propose marriage.

Subsequent to hearing this, the eight-followed feline let him know that it was only something insignificant and not exactly a wish. It was able to help Luo Cheng to ask the young lady's heart, and furthermore trusted that Luo Cheng would ponder what his desire truly was.

The primary thing Luo Cheng did when he opened his eyes was to hurry to the window to investigate the following yard, and afterward he began to chuckle. It worked out that a red material was waving in the breeze on the date palm tree in the following yard.

The following thing is exceptionally smooth, despite the fact that Luo Cheng is a vagrant, yet he has a decent hunting kung fu, these years unconsciously likewise saved a few reserve funds. He before long went to the nearby to propose a marriage, went six ceremonies, wedded his cherished young lady.

After the marriage, Luo Cheng occasionally can see the eight-followed feline looking directly at him, realizing that it is encouraging himself to make a wish. At last, at some point, Luo Cheng gravely conveyed the eight-followed feline into the house, he investigated the eyes of the eight-followed feline, gradually said he had been pondering the wish for quite a while.

Luo Cheng said that he was thankful to the eight-followed feline to help himself, his desire is the eight-followed feline can grow a 10th tail.

Soon after the words, Luo Cheng saw the eight-followed feline's body transmitted a delicate evening glow like light, the body became as large as a calf, and behind it, nine tails swayed cheerfully. The nine-followed feline's eyes were likewise loaded up with tears, it gave Luo Cheng an affectionate look, pivoted and vanished.

A priest going through the town, heard Luo Cheng's insight, he said, the feline in the Changbai Mountains by the Buddha's illumination, through the development of like clockwork can grow an extra tail, etc, until the full eight tails, the feline ought to enter the world to develop, it needs to go to the red earth to assist the world with accomplishing their desires, through this method for getting their 10th tail, so the development of the Tao.

However, every time a wish of the world, eight-followed feline tail will tumble off one, to develop again for a considerable length of time, to enter the world once more. Eight-followed feline has likewise asked the Buddha, along these lines, when to grow a 10th tail, the Buddha chuckled and didn't reply.

The priest told Luo Cheng that it was a common satisfaction among him and the eight-followed feline, and that later on, Luo Cheng would likewise have an extraordinary creation.

Sufficiently sure, despite the fact that Luo Cheng didn't have extraordinary abundance in his life, yet his family was agreeable, his kids were dutiful, his life was liberated from disease and catastrophe, blissful and happy, and he passed on cheerfully. Furthermore, as per his oldest grandson, at the wake for his granddad, he appeared to see a major feline with nine tails show up in the soul lobby, getting his granddad's spirit.


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