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Folk Tales

The Legend of the Valley

By 肖湾Published 9 months ago 9 min read
Folk Tales
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

In the distant antiquated times, the grain in Yao Mountain was not quite the same as now. Around then, each grain on an ear of rice was basically as large as a gourd, and when the husk was opened, the rice inside gauged a few taels. Back then, there was compelling reason need to plant the grain. In pre-summer and late-spring, the seedlings would fill in the fields and become green all over; in fall, when the grain was yellow and ready, it would move down the streets and ways to the storage facilities of each and every family in Yaozhai. At the point when the grains were ready, each family cleaned their storage facilities to invite the enormous grains that moved into their homes.

Since around then, consistently after fall, the enormous grain moved into the house without help from anyone else, and the Yao family had an extremely cheerful life. As time spent many years, individuals had the option to eat fragrant rice without working. As time elapsed, a few ladies got lethargic and concealed at home consistently to spruce up and accomplished no work.

One year in the fall, there is a sluggish lady, the day break, she got up, stowing away at home to brush her hair. The ready grain moved to the entryway of this languid lady's home, and seeing that the entryway was shut, he thumped on the entryway and referred to the individual inside as: "Sister by marriage, open the entryway rapidly, let me into your home!" Valley required quite a while, however the sluggish lady heard it and didn't even try to open the entryway.

The enormous grain over and over thumped on the entryway and over and again yelled. Yet, the lady heard the yell, would not open the entryway, yet additionally said eagerly: "I'm sprucing up, exceptionally occupied, you generally come to my home to make commotion what! Said, indignantly swung a bamboo cot, and tossed it out the entryway. The huge grain remaining at the entryway, see the cot hit, raced to avoid, just didn't hit. It was scared and irate, and took off in dread. It saw that the earth doesn't need it, in that frame of mind of outrage, they approached the sky and stayed away forever.

At the point when the huge grain went to paradise, there was no more grain on the ground. From that point on, individuals of Yao Mountain had no rice to eat and life turned out to be increasingly troublesome. The Yao family pondered: Why did the enormous grains fill well in the fields in the previous years and naturally moved to the house after development, however the grains didn't fill in the beyond two years? Some of them said, "We probably neglected to offer rice to the valley goddess for supper and called the valley soul, which annoyed the lord of paradise not to favor the Yao family!" Some said, "The large valley is missing, immediately request that Satan public serenade for the valley to call the valley soul, to welcome the huge valley back!" Everyone was talking every which way. At the point when the languid lady heard this, she realized she experienced made a major difficulty, so she came clean with individuals of Yao Mountain about her tossing the cot to beat the large grain. At the point when they heard this, they were incensed and chastened her for being lethargic to such an extent that she would even not liked to open the entryway and hit the large grain with the cot, which insulted the valley woman and left the Yao family without food. To let the Yao family to eat, we as a whole work together to track down a languid lady to track down a man to the magnificent court to ask the divine beings to give some grain seeds, took back to earth to plant.

The apathetic lady was restless to the point that she went all around the Yao mountains and towns, asking individuals to go to paradise to ask the divine beings for seeds. She endlessly asked, yet not a solitary one of them were able to go. She had no real option except to beg the lord of the town to request the ruler from the local area. At the point when the ruler saw that the Yao family was truly struggling, he requested the sparrow to travel to the sky to search for a grain lady and implore her to give some grain seeds to take back to earth. The sparrow consented to do as such. He traveled to the sky and met the lord of grain and let them know how the Yao family had no food and attire in view of the absence of grain seeds. The God of the Valley was exceptionally thoughtful and gave the sparrow the seeds to take to the Yao Mountains for planting. The sparrow flew back with the seeds. Be that as it may, on the way, the sparrow was covetous and ate every one of the seeds individually. The Yao family hung tight for quite a while and didn't see the sparrow fly back, so they went to ask the ruler of the general public once more. The lord of the general public requested that the cat go to paradise to ask the divine force of grain. The cat concurred and ran for a few days and evenings, crossed a major waterway and went to the sky. The lord of grain gave it grain seeds, and it rushed back. At the point when it came to the huge stream, the cat saw the enormous waves, and afterward it recalled how the grain seeds could be brought across the waterway. The little cat pivoted at the waterway and couldn't think of a decent arrangement, so it held the seeds with its two front paws and crossed the stream. Notwithstanding, when it arrived at the profound water in the stream, it terrified and lost every one of the seeds in the waterway in light of the fact that its paws were unstable. The feline could do nothing however get back to Yao Mountain and meet the lord of the general public and let him know the justification behind losing the seeds.

The ruler sent the canine to get the seeds and advised the canine to convey the seeds on his back when he crossed the waterway. The canine ran out and about for a few days and evenings, crossed a major stream and came to the sky. The canine acquired the grain seeds at the lord of grain and rushed back. On the manner in which across the stream, it conveyed the grain seeds on its back, and swam to the center of the waterway when the water was profound, drenched his body, the canine shook his body, conveying the grain seeds on his back was shaken off in the waterway to the water drifting ceaselessly. The canine saw that it couldn't be recovered, so it needed to get back to Yao Mountain and tell the ruler of the local area. The ruler of the local area advised the mouse to go to the sky to get the grain seeds, and educated the mouse to carry back the grain seeds with his mouth. The mouse ran for a few days straight, crossed a major waterway, came to the sky. The divine force of grain gave an ear of grain, the mouse with the mouth, from paradise back to earth. At the point when it arrived at the stream, it swam to the center of the waterway, and out of nowhere the sky blew areas of strength for a, and the mouse didn't hold the grain immovably. The mouse swam to the shore and shouted out. A grasshopper in the waterway heard the mouse whining, scaled the bank and asked the mouse, "Mouse, you are crying so tragically, what is wrong!"

The mouse gagged and murmured, "The seeds that the Yao family shared with me to recover from the God of the Valley were unintentionally blown into the waterway when I crossed it. Beetle, I beseech you to assist me with going down to the waterway and get it, generally the Yao family will have no food to eat without the grain seeds to plant." Hearing this, the grasshopper felt for the mouse and moved once more into the stream to search for it. He tracked down the ears of grain at the lower part of the stream and brought them up to the riverbank. The mouse was extremely glad to see the ears of grain and was exceptionally thankful to the beetle. The mouse feared losing the grain seeds once more, so it nibbled the enormous grain and gulped it into its paunch. The mouse got back to Yao Mountain, opened its mouth, spat out the grain seed in its paunch from its mouth, and gave it to the ruler of the local area. In any case, the large grain has been bitten by the mouse, the grain seeds become more modest, the bit grain seeds in the field, the development is likewise a little grain. Hence, the rice we eat now is all little grains.

Yao's family was glad to have grain seeds once more and needed to reimburse the mice and grasshoppers. Yet, in the wake of mulling over everything, there was nothing promptly accessible to compensate them. At last, the ruler of the general public talked about with the Yao family and said, "Mouse, you have really buckled down, presently nothing remains to be compensated you, later the grain seeds will be planted, when the grain is ready in August, you can eat some, the grain in the storehouse can likewise eat some, you will go to the field opening and pause! The lord of the general public went to the beetle and said, "The insect, you have additionally buckled down, on account of you to help the mouse from the stream to recover the grain seeds, presently nothing remains to be repayed you, later we take the steers to the field, you can nibble our legs and cows legs, suck some blood! Along these lines, as of not long ago, consistently in August, when the grain contains buds, the mice come to take and eat them; the beetles likewise chomp individuals and cows, sucking their blood, due to this explanation.


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