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Encounters with the Unknown: The Chilling Tales of Black-Eyed Children

Terrifying Stories of Mysterious Entities with Hypnotic Powers

By Agatha Aganyi Published about a month ago 4 min read

In early 1998, a man was crossing an intersection at a yellow light when a truck collided with his vehicle, killing him instantly. A police report was filed, but it omitted a crucial detail: black-eyed children. These entities are known for their old-fashioned speech, outdated or dark clothing, and their age range from 5 to 17. Most notably, they have completely black eyes. They also reportedly possess hypnotic abilities and require permission to enter homes or vehicles, similar to vampires.


One of the earliest encounters with these beings was documented by Brian Bethel, a Texas journalist, in the spring of 1996. Bethel recounted that one night, while on his way to pay his internet bill, he stopped near a theater in Amarillo. As he filled out a check using the theater's marquee light, two boys approached his car. One boy, taller with olive skin and curly brown hair, and the other, shorter with pale skin and orange hair, both wore dark hoodies and jeans. The taller boy asked for a ride to their house to get money they had forgotten. Despite a strong gut feeling that something was wrong, Bethel hesitated and asked which movie they were planning to see. The boys claimed they wanted to see "Mortal Kombat," even though the final showing had already been playing for an hour.

As the boys grew increasingly insistent, Bethel noticed their eyes were entirely black, which petrified him. Feeling hypnotized, he began to unlock his car door but quickly decided to flee. He sped out of the parking lot and later shared his experience with his friend Chad Beavers. A psychic woman who overheard the conversation asked if the children had black eyes, confirming Bethel's fears. She warned that had he let them in, they would have killed him.


encounter, this time by John Northwood, a friend of Bethel and a reputed paranormal investigator, occurred in early 1998 in Portland. After attending a seminar, Northwood was approached by a colleague named Doug, who asked for a ride because a group of kids was loitering near his car. These kids, who appeared goth or punk-like, had an unsettling demeanor. When Northwood questioned them, one boy said they needed a ride home, prompting Doug to deny knowing them. Northwood noticed the kids' faces becoming gaunt and their eyes turning black. He immediately fled with Doug, who passed out from the fright.

Later, as Northwood followed Doug's car, he witnessed a fatal accident where a truck hit Doug's vehicle at an intersection, killing him instantly. Shaken, Northwood helped the police file the report. Shortly after, he saw the same children on a nearby street corner but never encountered them again.

The authenticity of these encounters remains uncertain. The existence of black-eyed children is debated, with some viewing them as an urban legend while others believe they represent an unsolved mystery. The black-eyed children phenomenon first gained widespread attention in the late 1990s and early 2000s through internet forums and personal testimonies. Descriptions of these children vary slightly, but the core characteristics remain consistent: their eyes are completely black, and their behavior is often described as unsettling or eerie.

Reports often describe these children as appearing at night, knocking on doors or windows, and asking for permission to enter. Witnesses frequently mention an overwhelming sense of dread or fear when encountering them, and many accounts suggest that the children possess some form of hypnotic influence, making it difficult for individuals to resist their requests.

In one instance, a woman named Sarah from Oregon shared her encounter online. She described how two children knocked on her door one evening, asking to use the phone to call their parents. Sarah felt an inexplicable terror and refused to let them in, noticing their black eyes as they continued to insist. She eventually shut the door and heard them repeatedly knocking for several minutes before they finally left.

Skeptics argue that these stories are the product of mass hysteria or the power of suggestion, fueled by internet forums and paranormal enthusiasts. They point out that there is no concrete evidence or verified documentation of such encounters beyond personal anecdotes. However, believers argue that the consistency in descriptions and the sheer number of reports suggest there may be something more to these accounts.

Despite the skepticism, the stories of black-eyed children continue to capture the imagination of many. The fear they evoke is potent, tapping into deep-seated anxieties about the unknown and the unexplainable. The idea that these children could appear at any moment, asking for entry, is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

Some theorists propose that these children could be extraterrestrial beings or interdimensional entities. Others suggest they might be spirits or demons attempting to enter the physical world. Regardless of their origin, the fear they generate is very real for those who claim to have encountered them.

In conclusion, the stories of black-eyed children are a fascinating blend of urban legend and purported paranormal encounters. While there is no definitive proof of their existence, the tales persist, passed along through word of mouth and the internet. Whether they are real entities or simply a modern myth, black-eyed children remain one of America’s creepiest mysteries.

What are your thoughts on black-eyed children? Are they just an urban legend, or do they represent something more sinister? The answer may lie in the shadows, waiting for the next person to encounter these eerie entities and share their story.


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