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Don’t go into room13

(I warned you)

By Onah chideraPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

I was walking through the hallways of the hotel, when I passed Room 13. I thought nothing of it, until I heard a small noise, almost like a scratching sound, coming from inside the room. It made me stop in my tracks, and my instincts wanted to open the door and see what was going on, but I remembered the rule. Knowing that I was not allowed to enter Room 13, I turned around to walk away. Suddenly, I heard another loud crash. It was undeniable that it had come from Room 13. I couldn't ignore all of these strange sounds coming from the room. I had always been taught to act on instinct, and all of my instincts told me that there was something very, very wrong with Room .The door was locked, but it was not impossible to force it open. It took a lot of strength, but eventually, the door opened a crack, and then I was able to pull it open enough for me to be able to carefully slip into the room. The first thing that I noticed was that the room was pitch black inside. I tried to adjust my eyes, but I couldn't see a thing. It was like stepping into a complete void of darkness. I knew where the light switch should have been, so I felt all the way up the wall for it, but there was no switch. I tried to take a step forward into the room, but I as I stepped, my foot hit something. It was solid enough to make me lose my balance slightly. Slowly, I bent down to touch whatever this thing was. As soon as I put my hand on it, I could feel that there was something very strange going on. It almost felt like a leg, almost like that of a person.But that couldn't be possible. I reached out, behind me, but all I could feel was another leg, seemingly coming from another body. I reached out again, only to feel another. An arm this time, then a torso, another leg. It was endless. I felt as though I was surrounded. Except, there was something odd about these arms and legs. They just didn't feel quite...alive.I immediately felt sick. There was no way, absolutely no way that I could be standing in the middle of a room full of bodies, but it all made sense. The strange rule about not stepping foot in Room 13. Of course. It all made sense. This was where the bodies were hidden.I didn't want to believe it, but there seemed like no other explanation. I felt completely sickened, my head spinning, a shiver running up my spine. There was no way. I'd never even seen a dead body before, let alone be surrounded by them in a pitch black hotel room. Was this what happened to people who entered Room 13?I put a hand on the wall to steady myself, and I suddenly felt the light switch. Feeling relieved by that, I quickly turned it on, and watched light flood the room. This was it. I was mentally preparing myself for the sight of, possibly over twenty dead bodies, a sight that would surely make me sick.However, when the light turned on, I was not met with the horrifying sight of countless murder scenes. Instead, all lined up around the room, some perfectly propped up, and others sprawled on the floor, were human-sized, doll-like figures. They looked just, almost human, except for one eerie difference.They didn't have eyes. Just black, void-like holes where eyes should have been. Their necks were oddly floppy too, drooping to the side. What was most horrifying about these life-size dolls, was that they almost exactly resembled all of the hotel staff members that I had become so familiar with.I saw the doll version of Kelly, her head falling into her lap. I saw Mark, the waiter, with huge black holes where his eyes should have been. I saw Elizabeth, who was sprawled on the floor, legs sticking out. I even saw Catherine, propped up against the wall, like she was in a child's dollhouse. I wanted to scream, run away, do anything. This was somehow worse than seeing the disgusting sight of bodies. This was ten times creepier, and made me feel goosebumps up my arms. I wanted to drive away from the hotel, from the town, and never look back.The one thing that still stuck in my mind, was the fact that every single staff member had a doll here, even the newest hires. Everyone had a life-like, floppy doll, looking like an eyeless corpse. The only doll that was missing, the only member of staff that didn't have a matching doll, was me. There was no doll in Room 13 that resembled me. Somehow, that fact was far more chilling.I was about to take my phone out of my pocket, to take photos, or call the police, or do anything about this terrifying situation, when all of a sudden, the room went black. Pitch black. I tried to move again, but I couldn't. My legs would not stand up and run, my arms would not reach out to steady myself. I couldn't move. I was fixed, I was stuck, I was trappedJust then, I felt someone holding my shoulders, propping me up against the wall. I wanted to scream, or see who it was, but it felt like I was trapped inside my own body. I was completely unable to move.The hands extended my arms and legs, and I even felt the hands around my neck, making it flop forward ever so slightly, just as it had done on the dolls. That was when I realised it. The 'dolls' inside Room 13 were not life-like copies of the hotel staff members, they were the hotel staff members. And I was about to meet the very same fate, in Room 13.If only I had just listened.

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  • RM Stockton2 months ago

    Shivers! This was a ghastly tale. Well done!

  • Karen Cave2 months ago

    Hi Onah! I love your story, it's really creepy. It would be perfect for me to narrate on my horror podcast, Tag Till We're Dead. If I tipped you, would you mind me narrating your story over the next couple of weeks? I'll include your name, your Vocal link, and send you the episode link too! Feel free to email me on [email protected] if you have any questions :)

  • Naveed2 months ago

    Fantastic! Great work!

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Wow! The dolls that were not dolls! Amazing! ♥️

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