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Dimes From Heaven

by Cyndi Morley-Perez about a year ago

How my dad let me know he was OK

Some of the dimes we've been given

Have you ever wondered if your loved ones could contact you after death? Ever had strange things happen surrounding a death of a loved one? Ever wished you could be sure someone was okay after passing? Sometimes all you need, is to be open and aware of the things happening around you. I've always believed there was something else to life, whether it be spirits, angels, ghosts.... there must be more. We can't just fade away, right? Well, with each passing family member, more and more of my questions have been answered. And now, after the passing of my father, I'm confident that there is more!

When I was young, I was a Daddy's girl. I was always on his heel wanting to do whatever he was doing. Then, as teenagers do, I grew away from him and for many years we were estranged. Luckily, we were able to put everything behind us and finally grew close in my adulthood.

Three years ago, as we were planning our first holiday together since I was a child, he became ill and was rushed to the hospital. Despite all of our prayers and positive thinking, he was never to return home. We lost him a few months later.

Although sad, one good thing came out of these last months that I'll forever be thankful for. We became closer, as I was able to understand what he needed after he lost the ability to communicate. I'd like to think that I was able to make his time at least more bearable at the end.

Now, my father had long ago claimed his spot at my dinner table and everyone knew it was his. So, when the first Thanksgiving after his passing came around, we decided to set his place and keep it free, in memory of him. The night before our family dinner, I cleaned and set the table before going to bed. The next day, I was about to get the beginning of my answer. On the corner of my dad's place mat, where there was nothing the night before, was a dime. Since that day, between my brother, my husband and myself, we've found over 40 dimes in all kinds of places.

Now everyone finds money right? So what's the big deal? Well the thing is, we never found any other denomination of coin for a span of about two years. Only dimes! Well....except for one time! After I happened to mention this strange thing to a friend of mine, she was happy to tell me that she had heard that dimes were messages from loved ones who had passed. Ahhh, now I understood! The morning my dad passed, right after he took his last breath, I leaned over to kiss him goodbye and whispered in his ear to let me know that he was okay and to say hi to mom. And so he did! So the next dime I found, I jokingly said out loud, "come on dad, how about some quarters or loonies! I can't get rich on dimes!" The next time I got in the car, there were 3 nickels and a dime on my seat!

I even understand why he chose money to reach me. His favorite game to play with us, and every other child that came into his life, was "guess how much". He would stick his hand into his pocket and pull out whatever coins he had in there, open his hand quickly so we could get a glimpse, and say quite happily, "guess how much"! Then we would all count it together and the one who guessed the closest, would win it all!! He loved this game and always had a pocket full of coins to play with us.

The story becomes stranger still when I received a glass tear drop with a white feather in it from my husband, as a memorial for my mom and dad. As time passed, I frequently noticed the glass swaying on its chain, though there was no air flow around it at the time. This continued during the time we were still finding dimes, until one night that I'll regret forever, I yelled "go away!" Since then, we've found no dimes and the glass tear drop has not moved.

I fully believe that my dad was with me again for a little while. Hopefully he knows that I miss him and think of him every day. But, it makes me feel a little bit better knowing there is something after.

Writing this account has made me think back to the events surrounding my Mother and Grandmother's deaths. They were even stranger. But that's another story!

Cyndi Morley-Perez

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