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Dev's Haunting Symphony


By DEVASENAN SUBRAMANIPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

An ancient, decaying home had long been abandoned in the calm, scenic hamlet of Willowbrook, situated deep behind a lush forest. Locals told of horrible tragedies that had transpired within its crumbling walls, earning it the dark title "The Devil's Manor." It had stood as a testimony to dread and superstition for years, wrapped in an eerie quiet that sent shivers down the spines of those who ventured to approach.

But one fateful night, a group of daring teens decided to investigate the estate, their curiosity outweighing the scary rumours that had kept others at bay. Lily, a daring and adventurous young woman with a proclivity for the occult, was among them. She'd heard rumours of an evil entity haunting the estate and was determined to find out the truth.

By Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Lily and her friends, John, Sarah, and Mark, gathered outside the wrought-iron gates of the estate. The moon shed an eerie light on the overgrown garden, and the wind whispered through the trees, as if urging them to turn around. Ignoring the warning signs, they pushed through the creaking gates and entered The Devil's Manor's roadway.

The house rose before them, a massive behemoth that defied gravity, its walls smeared with age-old stains and windows smashed. The once-grand entryway had become a gaping maw, luring them into the darkness beyond, while ivy climbed up its walls like a web of veins.

Lily led the way, her torch throwing a dim light that hardly penetrated the stifling darkness. With each stride, the air became colder, and the atmosphere became dense with an inexplicable malevolence. Their footsteps resonated through the echoing corridors, creating a disturbing symphony in the darkness.

They discovered a grand piano in a dilapidated ballroom as they progressed deeper inside the estate. Its ivory keys had become stained with age, and the once-lustrous wood had warped with the passage of time. Lily walked over to the piano, her fingers quivering as she moved them across the keys.

"Legend has it," she said, barely audible, "that this piano is cursed." It's supposed to be the wellspring of everything evil in the mansion."

John sneered, disregarding the folklore. "Lily, come on, it's just an old piano." Nothing else."

By Ivan Kuznetsov on Unsplash

Lily, on the other hand, was not convinced. Her interest in the supernatural pushed her to sit at the piano and play a single note. The instrument's tone was unlike anything they had ever heard before.

It was a haunting, sorrowful music that made them quiver.

The house appeared to spring to life as though in reaction. A cold air blew across the room, casting shadows on the walls. An strange presence hung in the air, and an awful weight pressed down on them.

They noticed a man standing at the far end of the room in the weak light. The person was towering and ethereal, clad in ragged clothes. Shadows hid its face, and its eyes burned with an awful brightness. Dev, the wicked creature that had plagued The Devil's Manor for decades, appeared.

Lily and her pals let out a collective scream as they backed away from the piano, their hearts racing with fear. Dev's presence appeared to absorb the space, and the air became thick with dread.

"You should not have awakened me," Dev's terrifying breath resonated across the room.

"What exactly do you want?" Lily's voice trembled as she stuttered.

Dev's shape seemed to shift, as if he were imprisoned between two universes. "I seek solace," it said, its voice trembling. "I was tethered to this dreadful place, caught between the realms of the living and the dead." Only music has the power to set me free."

The group exchanged terrified glances, their terror giving way to hesitant interest. "What kind of music?" Sarah inquired carefully.

Dev's gaze was fixed on Lily, as if he was speaking straight to her. "A symphony of despair, a sorrowful composition." Play the piano, and I'll get you out of this terrible home."

Lily hesitated, divided between her terror and the allure of the unknown. She was aware that if they played the piano, they may unleash a malicious force into the world, but the curiosity that had drawn them here in the first place had now possessed her.

By Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

She sat at the piano again, her fingers lingering over the keys, her palms quivering. She began to play, her music filling the room with a lovely tune. The sound was solemn, a lament that seemed to reflect the agony of a thousand lives gone.

Dev's shape began to flicker as the music grew louder, its ethereal image writhing in misery. The chamber itself appeared to quiver, as if the mansion were undergoing a dreadful transition. The shadows writhed and the walls moaned.

Lily kept playing, her emotions filled with a mix of terror and resolve. The only way out of the mansion's grasp was to finish the symphony, to play the final note that would set Dev free.

However, when she pressed the final key, a tremendous boom rang across the room, and the house appeared to fall in on itself. The walls collapsed, and the floor collapsed beneath them. Lily and her pals were engulfed in darkness, their screams muffled by the din of devastation.

Lily awoke to find herself in the woodland outside the mansion. The first light of morning was coming through the trees, and songbirds filled the air. Her body ached from the fall as she sat up.

Her pals stirred beside her, moaning as they regained awareness. They glanced around, perplexed, and realised The Devil's Manor was nothing more than a mound of debris, a monument to the atrocities that had occurred there.

Lily was aware that they had escaped Dev's grasp, that the terrible thing had been liberated from its cage, but at what cost? The house was gone, but the darkness lingered as a reminder of the terrible monsters that had previously resided there.

As they returned to town, they realised that the horror was far from finished. Dev was free, and its terrible symphony would reverberate throughout their lives, a terrifying reminder of the force of the unknown and the horror that lurked in even the most harmless of places.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Great work! Spooky piano!

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