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The Haunting of Blackwood Manor


By DEVASENAN SUBRAMANIPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Blackwood Manor, a dilapidated estate that had long since been abandoned by its previous owners, stood in the middle of the dark, impenetrable forest. According to legend, the location was cursed, and anyone who dared enter would experience unspeakable horrors.

Four friends—Sarah, Mike, Lisa, and Tom—decided to delve more deeply into the mystery surrounding Blackwood Manor one dismal autumn afternoon. They were curious after hearing the stories, and their curiosity won out. They approached the intimidating wrought-iron gates with flashlights and a spirit of adventure.

The old trees' limbs were gnarled like skeleton fingers grasping for the heavens as the wind howled through them. They felt shivers run down their spines as the gate slowly swung open. They stepped into the overgrown front garden despite the anxiety that had crept into their chests.

They were in front of a gloomy monolith that was the home. Ivy was growing up the deteriorating walls, and its windows were broken. They forced open the front door, which protested as they did so, revealing a gloomy interior.

Inside, there was a strong odor of decay and moisture. As they cautiously entered the enormous entrance, dust particles danced in the torch beams. An empty shadow of what once was was left behind when the splendor of the past faded.

Room after room, each one appearing to be stuck in time, they explored. Their every move was tracked by the family members in a faded family portrait that hung on the walls. Strange events started to happen as they went deeper into the estate.

Even though the parlor was vacant, they could faintly hear a piano playing a depressing melody. Sarah approached the piano with trepidation and tentatively stroked the keys. Their flashlights went out as the music abruptly stopped and a chilly breeze blew across the room.

They scrambled for their flashlights in their panic and managed to relight them. As they made the decision to go, their hearts hammered, but when they got to the front door, it was strangely locked. They panicked as they tried to find another exit, but all the windows and doors had inexplicably closed.

Unintelligible but ominous muttering resounded throughout the mansion as they made their way through the maze-like passageways. In the dim light of Lisa's torch, she caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure scurrying around the corner. The others ran to her side as she yelled, their headlights illuminating the dark hallway.

They had no idea how long they had been confined there as time appeared to pass quickly. They were physically and mentally exhausted, and hunger was gnawing at their tummies. They fell into darkness once more when Tom's torch died.

In their desperation, they discovered a secret entrance that opened to a basement. As the temperature dropped, the smell of decay became overpowering. They could make out a crudely sketched circle on the floor surrounded by odd symbols and candles in the faint light. A sinister summoning circle had appeared.

Before they could respond, an evil presence appeared in the circle's center. They were approached by a shadowy apparition with gnarled fingers and soulless eyes. The room shook as if the mansion's very foundation were being torn apart as it mumbled a terrifying incantation.

They were so terrified that they were able to escape the cellar and return to the opulent lobby. The darkness that had enveloped them was driven out by the sunlight entering through the front door, which was left wide open. They escaped the terrible mansion using the little strength they still had.

They passed out outside the Blackwood Manor gates, panting for air and covered in perspiration. They kept their terrifying encounter to themselves, but the nightmares they had for years afterward were plagued by the fear of that day.

Blackwood Manor was still vacant, with a sinister spirit lurking within its crumbling walls. Those who dared to approach were met with an unsettling silence as the forest reclaimed the area. This was because the curse of Blackwood Manor persisted, waiting for its next victims to enter.

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