Demon Mother

by Hannah Woods 7 months ago in fiction

Was it only a dream?

Demon Mother

It was unusually bright on the balcony that night, despite the lights from the other apartments shining through the windows. I was leaned up against the railing on the opposite side of where my apartment was placed, and for some reason I was alone. There was no sound. Not even the chirping of crickets, that would sing their song late at night, could be heard. All I could hear was the air, a strange sound, hard to describe to someone if they've never heard it before. The night was completely still, and I just seemed to be the only life around me—for what seemed like forever, I was stuck. I closed my eyes, trying to focus on moving away from the balcony, but it seemed that all my efforts were futile. My eyes shot open at the noise of a door creaking. My front door apartment was slowly opening and I could see the white static on a TV screen in the front room. Suddenly, my heart started pounding and I could hear my blood pulsing through my ears. My hands became sweaty as the sound of the white static from the TV began to get louder and louder with each passing second, and my breathing seemed to be getting more constricted. Something moved at the corner of my eye and I was finally able to turn my head away from the haunting scene of my apartment. However, what my eyes landed on next was nothing better. It was my mother, except she was different. Her back arched almost like a cat's, her fingers were long and pointy, and blood dripped off of them, as well her teeth. Her teeth. They weren't regular teeth. Instead, she had fangs replicating a vampire's mouth. She smiled at me. A sinister laugh came out of her mouth as she threw her head back. She stepped closer to me and all I wanted to do was run away. I had never been more terrified of my own mother in my entire life. My feet wouldn't move from that spot and instead, I fell to the ground. The laugh got closer and closer. I was almost afraid to look up from the ground. My mother's legs were right in front of me. A loud piercing scream filled the air as my mother jumped on me and attacked me. I tried screaming for help, but my voice was gone. And when I opened my mouth, it seemed I couldn't even find air to breathe. Somehow, I had managed to push the demonic version of my mother off of me and get away from the apartment building, running down the stairs. I heard a low growling as my mother chased me—but the closer she got, the slower my body was able to move. I looked around, wanting, hoping to find anything that would protect me from her. Suddenly, my body stopped moving as it felt like something pierced through my abdomen. My knees buckled in pain, and my hands clutched my stomach. Looking down, my hands were covered in blood and an arrow was sticking out of me. I gasped for air, feeling my body jerk. I looked around, a cold sweat covering my body. I was in my bedroom and everything was fine. It was only a nightmare, I thought. That was until my body froze at the sound of the same sinister laugh that I heard from my dreams, my eyes shot back open and the demonic version of my mother was standing over me, with blood dripping off her and down on my face.

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