Déjà Vu

Is it real or just a dream?

Déjà Vu

Have you ever had a déjà vu moment in your life? Well, I've had multiple and sometimes these moments give me the shivers! As far as I can remember, I think I was a teenager when I began experiencing these déjà vu events. It all began when I was living with my older sister. She owns a condominium on the second floor of a quiet community. Below her on the first floor lived an elderly couple. My sister met this couple when she first moved in years before my mom and I moved in. Eventually we were introduced and got along well. This couple would tell us stories like if we were their own children. It was such a comfortable feeling that I would get from them and made me look at my future differently. As time passed, my family and I noticed that the ambulance would keep coming back to elderly couple's home. Of course we weren't in any position of interfering with their personal lives. Until we met a lady, a nurse who was hired on behalf of the grandchildren of the couple. The nurse told us that the wife was very ill and on her deathbed. We were all in state of shock, we weren't expecting anything like this to happen. But within the end of that year, the wife passed away. Sadly, the husband continued his life grieving the death of his long-time wife. It was very hard based on some things the nurse would share with my family. This man eventually became terminally ill. He developed prostate cancer at the age of 86. His health began failing since.

I remember having a nightmare that changed the way I view life now.

This nightmare made me wonder to the point that I know this sounds insane for you all to believe but I personally experienced a vision. In my nightmare, I was sitting on my bed in the room I was sleeping in. I looked around and saw both my older brothers in the room. One was standing still inside the bathroom with the door open looking at one direction. While my other brother was sitting on the floor looking down, frozen as well. I turned to look out the window from the second floor and saw the entire city on fire, as ashes were falling from the skies. The fire began because aliens came to our planet destroying humanity. I frantically looked for my cellphone to contact my mom to pick me up. Luckily, she had messaged me to tell me "I'm outside. Hurry!" I turned to look at my brothers but they no longer were there. When I turned back around to look outside the window, I was already outside inside my mom's car. Then that's when I felt like a cinderblock smashed my heart. I looked at back at my sister's house and noticed that it wasn't on the second floor anymore. It was on the first floor..... I leapt out of the car and managed to get inside the house again and saw my sister's neighbor on the bed, his corpse was still burning. His fragile body was burnt to a crisp. It twisted my stomach so much that my mom pulled my out from the house and we drove away from the destruction.

That's when I woke up sweating. I didn't have the audacity to tell my mom nor my sister about this nightmare. It sounded like from a cartoon show or a movie. To me until this day it sounds unreal! Well, I managed to tell my mom about it and she stood still. She personally advised me not to speak to my sister about this types of things. Within weeks after I had my nightmare, my sister broke some news to us. She informed us that the elderly man had passed away on his bed.

I was in complete shock of what happened. Of course I wasn't expecting aliens to come to destroy humanity, but how I managed dream of someone's death that I never knew personally or ever lived with.

To this day I continue to live with déjà vu.

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