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Time, Is All We Have


Bob is talking to Branden about a strange phone call. He's standing in front of the big picture window, with the perfect view of the front yard. Just one bare tree in the center, and a driveway off to the left with three vehicles sitting in it, but one of the vehicles is unusual in the fact that Bob has never seen it before, but knows it belongs to his father.

At first glance, everything looks as it should, but then Bob spots the stranger. The man Bob sees is sitting in the passenger side of this unusual van that belongs to his father but the man in the van, going through the glove box, isn't the man he knows as his father. This is a man in his late thirties, blond hair, and ice blue eyes, eyes that almost seem like a neon color, so icy, that they almost don't seem to be real. His eyes seem to glow, and this is what made Bob notice the man. He seemed to be off in his own little world, viciously digging through his father's vehicle. The man's icy blue eyes, calling Bob, tempting him to take chase.

The man's eyes put Bob in a trance, He couldn't look away from them and Branden noticed Bob's stare. As soon as he looked at Bob, he had a look of confusion on his face, one of wonder and concern. Bob instantly makes his way to the front door and whips it open, not really knowing why. The only thing going through Bob's head was, catch the man with the icy blue eyes.

Bob looks over at Branden and distantly belches out, "Someone... is breaking into... dad's van."

As soon as the last word escapes his lips, the man, with the icy blue eyes, opens the passenger side door and starts to run, Bob instantly taking chase. Bob tails the man, He's right in front of Bob at arms reach, he is running without effort. Bob makes it to the end of the driveway and glances back at his house, only to see his entire family out on the front lawn, all with looks of confusion on each of there faces.

Branden shouts "Who are you chasing, there's nobody there!"

His dad shouts "You're chasing air!"

This added a factor of fear to what Bob was doing, but he quickly pushes away any doubts he had, instinct taking control. He continues to take chase but once he makes it to the stop sign at the corner of his street, the man with the icy blue eyes, starts to run at a speed that Bob's mind just can't comprehend, turning him into a blue streak. Leaving a mark in the air, much like that of a shooting star in the night sky.

Bob freezes and looks to his right, seeing him, not the man with the icy blue eyes, but the man who doesn't have eyes, just empty sockets. He to is approaching so fast that Bob just sees a dark streak moving towards him. He's left frozen, like his feet are rooted to the spot he stands, he's a deer in the headlights, only he can't jump out of the way.

Death stops, inches from Bob, part of his nose is missing, he has no eyes just sockets, a very small piece of his nose remaining, and his lips are covered by the shadow his hood casts accost his face. Bob can feel just how negative this creature is, he can feel all the souls he has taken, and all the pain that courses through the creatures' body. Bob is left frozen in time, staring at something he should not be able to see. The creature has angel wings, but they are severely damaged. The creature is soulless, and ruthless, only paying attention to the clock he had on his cane.

The clock strikes 3:33 PM, Death reaches out his battered hand, and rests it on Bob's shoulder. A familiar pain shoots through his body, he is left with visions of nothingness, endless torture, him crying for eternity. The world around Bob melts away, begins to vanish, he's left only knowing what Death tells him to know, Bob is no longer, he's reached his expiration date, now he's just a memory to those who loved him.

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