Dear David Part 5

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It keeps going.

Dear David Part 5

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September 17, 2017

Adam has been having way more nightmares lately and they've been more intense then his regular dreams. This afternoon he had a dream during a nap where he rolled over on his side and saw a severed head on the pillow next to him with a bloody spine snaking down the bed. The head was looking at him still alive and smiling. Adam yelled, "What happened to you?"

The head smiled even bigger, "It feels great," it groaned.

After that he woke up probably still freaked out. He had other strange dreams like dark figures staring into his window even though he lives on the second floor. He couldn't sleep because he was feeling uneasy about the head dream so he went out to get a snack just to get out of the apartment. On the way he had to pass by the warehouse, he hurried passed because it freaks him out now. This warehouse is on his way to everything. On the way back home he passed by the warehouse this time he heard a dull thunk. He was frozen in place but he didn't hear anything else. He should have went about his day but he was curious. There was a window too high to see in and he decided to take a picture on his phone and then run like hell. He made sure his flash was on and positioned the lens through one of the grates. When the flash went off he thought he saw something move in there which is weird. He ran off and was too jumpy when he got home to look at the photo. When he finally looked at the photo it looked like it was a different part of the warehouse like an office or something. When he really looked at the picture he thought he saw a face in a blur in the picture. He is now thinking that he is too deep into this and that his mind is wanting to see David even when he isn't there.

September 22, 2017

The past few days have been quiet but we all know with following this story that this quiet doesn't last long. Adam has been spending time away from the apartment to avoid anything weird before his trip, which starts today. He's hoping this all will end after he comes back from his trip.

September 29, 2017

He is enjoying his trip and even bought a sign that said "please protect my cats while I'm away." Yes it was in English.

October 3, 2017

It is Adam's last full day in Japan and all has been quiet and peaceful. He was wandering around and found a statue that he thought it was weird and interesting. As he was taking pictures of it he saw what looked like a kid with a dented head. He feels at this time that his mind is going crazy and he's making something out of nothing. He's packing up and leaving soon, ready to see the cats.

October 5, 2017

He is home safe and the cats are fine, but just more talkative then normal. The more talkative then normal can be because they missed him.

October 14, 2017

Weird things have been going on with the electricity at his place this week. Two bulbs burned out in the hall way during this week. He doesn't want to bother getting up there if it's going to keep happening. The weirdest thing that's been going on is the led strip on the back of the TV is flickering with out the TV being on. The TV has to be on for the backlight to be on. Now it's not coming on at all. It's a few months old so it shouldn't be replaced.

How does it work?
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