Dear David Part 4

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Dear David Part 4

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August 28, 2017

In preparation for his trip to Japan, Adam bought a pet camera so he could keep track of the cats and apartment while he was gone. It's like a nanny cam that connects to the WiFi so you can check in whenever you want. The camera runs 24/7 and sends sound and motion alerts to your phone. He decided to test it out over the weekend when he was out of the house. He got a few notifications during the night but it was mainly the cats playing and doing their thing.

Around 11 PM he got an alert, but when he watched the feed he didn't see anything. He had to watch it three times to see the movement, the green chair was rocking. It was unnerving to him. He knew it could have been the wind or AC, but there was no vent there and the window wasn't open. 30 minutes later he got another alert. In the video you could see the turtle shell he has hanging on the wall falling. The turtle came from a trading post in Montana where his family lives. Since that night he didn't put the camera back on, he was too nervous. He has felt uneasy recently. He put the chair in the hall and hopes nothing else happens. Then someone pointed out that a blue chair in the background disappears in the second video. He checks and the blue chair is still there. Needless to say, he didn't want to stay there that night. Then people pointed out that the chair was still there it was just the lighting. He made the statement that he wanted to pop a Xanax and go to bed.

September 5, 2017

He starts off this thread by saying "it's happening again." He has been leaving the nanny came on 24/7. He was going over the feed from the weekend and noticed some weird stuff. During the night Saturday while he was sleeping it recorded the cats in the living room and it seemed normal for a little bit. Then the video turned odd when one of the cats (Maxwell) freaks out and jumps over something invisible. Also while I was watching the video a jar on the table slides and moves. How he didn't see that, I have no clue. Adam said that Maxwell doesn't react that way to bugs so it couldn't be a bug. Plus he said he only has had three bugs in the years he's lived there. The next night it caught more strange videos. He saw Maxwell on the couch sitting up on his back legs looking around at something for hours. Adam said that it was odd behavior for Maxwell and didn't have an explanation for it. It got even weirder in the next video when Adam saw Maxwell batting and swatting at something. Adam says he can't explain Maxwell's behavior and he also can't explain how things felt off that week.

September 11, 2017

He was going through his usual night time routine and had gone into the kitchen to get cat food when he heard a loud crack. It was a fake potted plant that had fell over but none of the cats were around. Adam lives near a subway line and his apartment sometimes shakes or shifts so he thinks that could explain the plant falling. Through this whole thing he is looking for explanations other than ghost. Every little noise now freaks him out and he is more than ready for his trip.

How does it work?
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