Dear David Part 3

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It gets creepier.

Dear David Part 3

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August 21, 2017

This past weekend was the first time Adam didn't feel safe in his home. Friday was supposed to be a storm, but it ended up passing. That night was still weird. He had a dream about David. In the dream, David was dragging Adam by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse. Adam didn't fight back. He also didn't notice anything weird when he woke up. When he took a shower, he noticed a big bruise. He tried to explain it away by saying that maybe he hurt himself the day before and that's what caused the dream. When he goes to get coffee on weekends, he usually passes by this busy food cart repair depo. When he passed by this morning it was empty and gutted. The only thing in there when he took a picture was a green chair and I saw some ladders in the picture of the space. Adam first saw David in the green rocking chair. I think Adam wanted it to be connected, especially after the dream. On his way back from coffee, it was shuttered/closed up. All of this gave Adam the creeps. He didn't sleep well or that much that night.

August 25, 2017

There were some small developments in Adam's apartment. He is actually scared. The cats started gathering at the door earlier and earlier. When they started to gather closer to 10 PM Adam got concerned and confused. Their new routine is now hover around the door at 10 PM and meow for 15 minutes then wander off like nothing happened. This week something new happened. Shortly after the cats do their thing, Adam will get calls from an unmarked number. His call list for the week was full of the unmarked caller. He answered once since it was going on for a few days. He figured if he picked up they would stop calling. He didn't say anything but what he heard was static similar to the one he heard on the sleep recorder app. After a minute, the static stopped and there was silence. Then he heard what he thought was breathing but it was faint. Then when he was about to hang up, he heard a small voice whisper, "hello." How the person said hello freaked him out. It wasn't a question or a greeting, just a flat statement. It was so quiet Adam could barely hear it. He panicked and hung up. He then closed all the curtains and turned on every light. He watched TV until dawn because he couldn't sleep—he was too scared to. He started to feel like he was losing his mind. Adam said that if he looked at everything on its own, he could probably logically explain it away. After three weeks of weird stuff happening, he started to feel like he couldn't make sense of it all. All he felt like he could do was write it all down.

August 28, 2017

Adam moved the chair he first saw David in from his bedroom to the living room. He was thinking about getting rid of it but he doesn't think it will have any effect. He was also going on vacation in three weeks. He thought that if could get to the vacation, this all would end. David lost track of Adam once he moved and Adam thought if he left the apartment again, David would leave him alone.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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