Dear David

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The Beginning

Dear David

One thing before we begin, this is a social media and it has a lot of videos and pictures. If you want to see those look it up on YouTube and/or Twitter. This came from the twitter of Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) so when I tell this story it comes from him. I hope I can do him proud.

August 7, 2017

Adam tweeted that his apartment was being haunted by a ghost of a boy. He believed that the ghost was trying to kill him. It started with the dream of the boy sitting in a green rocking chair in Adam's bedroom. The first time Adam saw the ghost boy he was experiencing sleep paralysis. The ghost boy had a huge misshapen head with a dent one side. Adam actually tried to draw it (his artwork in this post), and he did awesome, by the way. David eventually got out of the chair and went towards Adam's bed. Before David got to the bed, Adam woke up screaming. A few days later Adam had another dream where he was in a library, and a girl asked, "You've seen dear David haven't you?" He asked her who and she informed him that David was a young boy that was killed and appears at midnight. You can ask two questions so long as you say "Dear David" first, but, if you try to ask him a third question, he will try to kill you. To a couple of YouTubers it almost sounded like a lesser-known game like Bloody Mary.

It was about two weeks before Adam saw David again. When David appeared again he was in the green chair again looking at Adam. Adam asked David how he died and David mumbled "an accident in a store." So Adam asked what happened in the store and David groaned, "A shelf was pushed on my head."

Adam was frozen in fear and then asked, "Who pushed the shelf?" He realized that he asked three questions, and he woke up terrified. The next two days Adam googled deaths in the city, but couldn't find anything about a boy named David dying in a store accident. He tried different names like Danny, Daniel, Dylan, and so on. After a few weeks, Adam was able to move to the bigger apartment above his when it became available. A few days went by, and he forgot about dear David. Adam believed that David had lost track of him because of the move. Then something strange started to happen. He posted a picture of his adorable cats staring at the door like there was something on the other side of it. Adam said for about four nights the cats had been going to the door at exactly midnight. Now, remember David comes to him at midnight, so one night he looked out of the peephole and he saw movement. He then opened the door and turned on the light but nothing was there. The cats seemed unnerved and bushy tailed. David probably found him and Adam didn't know what to do. That was the end of the August 7th thread.

August 8, 2017

Adam posted yet another picture of one of his cats at the door a minute after midnight. The cats even meowed at the door and Adam captioned it with "what is going on?" The cat looked like he was sniffing at the door and was wanting out to get to whatever was on the other side. Adam then took a picture through the peephole because he was too scared to open the door. He said he could see something and felt like something was out there. He opened the door and took another photo, but there was nothing out there. In the first photo, there was something hiding on the stairs, but he didn't know if it was a smudge. He took a second photo and posts that there was something definitely out there. Adam deadbolted the lock and went to bed because he didn't know what else to do. His cat was staring at the door meowing. He then posted a picture of his cat staring at him with the "high beams" on.

August 9, 2017

He updated with the fact that he was alive and checked for carbon monoxide. There wasn't any, but he wanted to make sure he wasn't going crazy or being poisoned. That's always a smart thing to do, check for poison then ghost.

How does it work?
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