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A Short Story

By Edwina A. LewisPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

She turned her head to the left and peered behind. It was dark. She couldn't see him but she knew he was there. Her face forward, she began to walk a bit quicker. Her steps light on the cobblestones. She wanted to run. Maybe even scream. She knew there was no way she could outrun him, and to scream seemed pathetic at best, seeing as she was far from town and not a house to be seen. Oh why had she taken this path home? There were other safer routes, well-lit ways home, but she was sometimes at the worse of times foolish.

He smirked at her obvious attempt of evading him. He wasn't at all concerned with her getting away from him. Faster, stronger, and more hungry than he had ever been. His long black cloak flapped around him as he too began to walk a little faster. He didn't need to run. She was mere meters ahead. If he tried real hard he could reach her but he liked playing this game. Let her think she has time, he thought. Let her believe she can get away!

That's all she wanted to do was get away! But she knew he was gaining on her. She knew he would devour her. She knew her end was near. Facing mortality made her decision for her. She stopped, turned, and faced her fears.

No, he screamed inside his head. Don't stop. I want to play. This was too easy.

She could now make out his features.

Under ordinary circumstances, she would have found him more than pleasing to the eye. These were not ordinary times. This was no ordinary man. She knew what he was. She knew what he wanted.

"Oh my pet, why ever did you stop?"

His voice was oddly soothing, comforting. How absurd she thought. I am losing my mind! This man, if I may call him that, wants to devour me! Literally!

He took a step forward. She held her ground. Made him look her in the eye. If I am about to die, then I want this son of a bitch to look me in the eye when he kills me! I am not afraid.

"I am not afraid. Do your worst."

Taken aback, he tried to stare her down. He wanted her to beg for her life, promise all kinds of things she couldn't possibly give him. He wanted her to shout for help, cry, something besides stare at him with eyes as cold as his own.

"So Beast! What are you waiting for?"

"I could break you as easily as I break a twig. Why are you not running?"

"I am done running."

"Ah the lamb wants to be slaughtered."

The rest of it happened so quickly she had no time to react. Her only defensive act was to cross her arms in front of her. Some last ditch effort to protect herself from this creature.

He was on her going for her throat. Now biting... flash of light, sounds muted at first, then she slowly, heart pounding, coming awake!

"Oh my God," she moaned. It had only been a dream. A nightmare yes!

She climbed out of bed, relieved and giggling. It was a dream she kept thinking as she made her way to the bathroom. Smiling from ear to ear, she looked at herself. There, on the side of her neck, were two very distinct puncture holes and around them and down her neck was the remnants of dried blood.

"What the hell...."


About the Creator

Edwina A. Lewis

Fifty something single female who has had the desire to write since a young child. I like to express thoughts in my journal as there always seems to be something going on in my brain! Looking forward to starting this new journey with words.

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