Dance with the Devil

by Julia Menard 2 years ago in fiction

A Satire on Horror and Heroes

Dance with the Devil

Carissa woke up in a coffin. It was completely dark and smelled like rotten flesh. Her heart began to race and she pounded on the lid. It didn’t budge. Her hands began to shake as she kicked the lid.

Soon, the air began to grow heavy and her breath came in the short, panicky gasps. She was going to die. Her heart throbbed as she tried to free herself, her movements become sluggish and slow. Her vision blurred to black.

“Where I am? Who are you?” Gaelin shouted, shaking the strange human dressed in the coat of mink. He pulled his hands back as they were burned by the steel buttons. He whimpered, looking at the red marks in his palms. “Please, help me!” he begged, stumbling towards another human, not seeing the car racing around the corner.

Everything went red, then black.

A bony hand turned the TV off.

“Fuck,” Blake ran a hand through his blue-black hair. “So… How long has he been doing this?”

“Three fucking years,” Death looked at Blake. “He’s gone rogue.”

“And you’re sending your 18-year-old son in to deal with him, charming.”

“You’re a Reaper. You’ll be fine.”

“Uh-huh,” Blake chewed on a strip of gum. It was gritty and flavourless. He needed to buy more soon.

“Come on,” Death looked at his son. Blake sighed, then nodded. “Thank you. Ares will give you the case file.

“Wait, why isn’t he dealing with this?”

“Rwanda,” Death guided him out of the room.

“Do I get my scythe back for this?”

“Of course,” Death shut the door. Thane sighed. He didn’t want to talk to his uncle. He really didn’t want to talk to War. Pestilence and Famine, his aunts, were okay, Ares was an-

“HEY FUCKER!” Ares punched him in the shoulder. “Here’s the file for the dead-end Boogeyman case.”

“Isn’t he one of your kids?” Thane took the thick file.

“Nah,” Ares punched him again.

“Knock it off.”

“Or what? Going to use your scary human powers to kick my ass?” Ares wound up for another punch. Thane blocked it with the file.

“I have work to do, unlike a certain genocidal maniac I know,” he walked off, leaving Ares in the hallway.

“Okay, first of all, I told Bush not to do it!”

“You said the same thing about Hitler!”

“That wasn’t my fault either!”

“Take it up with my dad!” Blake opened his locker and grabbed his staff, twisting it into two parts and tucking it into the sheaths. He pulled on his trench coat and grabbed his ID badge. “See ya Uncle.”

“Bye bitch.”


“What you say to me?”

“Nothing!” Blake left the building, watching all the reapers dart back and forth, guiding souls, judging souls, stopping souls from getting out. His half-brothers and sisters.

“Where to Blake?” Shini smiled as he went into the portal room, shutting the door behind him.


Liam stared in horror at the frothing water. His raft bucked and trembled.

“HELP!” he screamed, looking at the dorsal fins. There was blood in the water. “ANYONE! HELP ME!” his heart raced, sweat and tears mixed on his cheeks as he struggled to stay afloat as a shark slammed into the raft, nearly flipping it over. He urinated in his jeans as the sharks finally flipped it over. He howled and sobbed as he failed, trying to staying above the bubbling water that was soon pink with more blood, his blood.

“Help,” he gurgled as everything went black.

Phobos T. Boogeyman grinned and delightedly as he rubbed his hands. Liam’s fear of the ocean and sharks gave him a new thing to play with. He frowned. Soon, he’d be bored again and he’d — His doorbell rang.

“Hello? Mr. Boogeyman?” a voice rang out. “Blake Skull, D.S.P.D, Reaper Division.”

“I’m all good on Cookies, little halfie,” Phobos snickered through the intercom.

“Not selling cookies. I have a proposition.”

“For what?”

“I want you to stop killing those kids and I’m willing to offer my services as a punching bag.”

Phobos raised an eyebrow. It could be fun to play with a Reaper.

“Alright… Come inside,” he pressed the button and let Blake in.

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