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Daisy Jones's fit of Madness

Love and Murder are Inexplicably Mixed

By Susan Eileen Published 2 years ago 8 min read
Daisy Jones's fit of Madness
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Not only is Daisy Jones an overthinker she is a paranoid schizophrenic. Conspiracy theories, she has them all. We will be destroyed by a sight unseen, and its been in front of us this whole time.

What is the difference between terrorism and serial killers or snipers? The only difference is the motivation of the killer. Snipers are forgiven by the state. Terrorists are radicals that have gone too far. Serial killers just like to kill - but don't terrorists and snipers like to kill. When it comes to jobs and hobbies you need to do what you love. Daisy loved serial killing. She's an unstoppable unseen force, slipping in and out of the darkness she loves so much.

Love - that is the unseen force that has brought her world down. She didn't realize love with destroy here; it's created a war inside her head. How did this happen? He was a good fuck and that started the obsession that all addicts have. Now she is the overly attached ex-girlfriend. But he wasn't a boyfriend, just a rock star having a lonely night.

When it's dark, she broods, sulks, and laments on poor choices, especially men. What she wouldn't give to be a teenager again. She's known him since high school. He was comfortable around her, and vice versa, but only because she knew him before he got big. His lifestyle what you expect a rock stars to be. It is way too much for her - it's overstimulating. Overstimulation leads to rage, which leads to murder. Every. single. time.

It's not even April, and it's already a violent Spring. Violent is an understatement. Come April, there will be hell to pay. An avid student of everything, Daisy knows that April is the most violent month of the year. The Boston Massacre, The Arab Spring, the Columbine Disaster, all wars resume in the Spring. All. of. them.

What about biological warfare? That's what the news is now talking about. That's all the underground is talking about. Government overreach doesn't do any good when it doesn't help its citizens. Biological Warfare caused the pandemic which collapsed the economy and now China is advancing daily, but not on the ground. No wars are fought on the ground anymore. While we were busy looking at the tv sitcoms, China and Russia started acting like a petulant child. Now we don't know where to turn. There are too many plates in her head.


She always felt out of place in her home full of boys. Her twin, instead of being close to Daisy, had an impenetrable bond with Tim, the middle child. Marty, her twin, had nothing, nothing in common. He's a borderline schizophrenic. There is nothing borderline about the disorder.

Marty was born with a mental illness far greater than anything Daisy ever experienced. Chronic domestic violence against their mother, father and oldest brother. Romance was never in the cards for Marty..Too sucked into religion to be tolerable.


There was no announcement, not even a whistle, a massive storm rolled in draping everything in snow. Americans had gotten so lazy that their hands clasped their bellies like fat men content after a meal. The medical term - morbidly obese. Daisy hated them too..gluttony is one the seven deadly sins. Daisy upon reflection of her thoughts realized that she is terribly judgemental. She won the genetic lottery; arrogant with success, a terribly loathsome book snob and once again, believes she can walk with impunity.

The mountains began rising up into the storm. The sky was slate grey, and the snow was incredibly white. Daisy can't concentrate. She's going to be a nurse during the New World War. She memorized the signs of cocaine addiction and hysteria, knew that cyanide smelled of almonds. Even then, she swears she can smell the livers of the alcoholics. - they drank to the point of sweating alcohol and their pores were poisoned. Skin as alabaster as a swan - he's a goner.

She doesn't know what happened, but the news is the kind of news where you knew where you were when you heard the news. There's a terrorist attack somewhere. She needs to stop thinking and try to figure out what's going on.

THE Government took to the airwaves. Please remain calm. There has been a coupe, an assassination, a terrorist attack just outside of London this morning. She doesn't know what to do. She just wanted to get away from her mother - disapproval was heart-breaking, and a mean alcoholic to boot.


Get a job. Go to work.

Get Married. Have children.

Follow fashion. Walk on the pavement.

Watch TV. Obey the ungodly laws.

Act normal. Save money for old age.

Now, repeat after me: “I am free!”


She knows she is no longer free. She's too smart for her own good. Too crazy to organize her thoughts. She is out of her tranquilizers. She is going through withdrawal symptoms. Now Stockholm Syndrome is starting to take hold. She's getting too attached to the hitchhiker she picked up. He should be dead already. But she fell in love, not head over heels in love, but in love just the same. She needs to come up with a plan, but what that is she doesn't know. She's never been comfortable in her own skin. That's why she got addicted anyhow. She hasn't been sober in fifteen years. Fifteen long years. She's restless, irritable and discontent. All signs that trouble is brewing on the horizon. It's winter. It's spring. It's winter again. It's cold and April is coming. Her head finally feels heavy and she is cold. What fresh hell will that new month bring?


April, cherry blossoms in bloom, but the ubiquitous goldenrod, is a bain to allergy sufferers everywhere. There is a bewildering amount of trees in bloom. Apple, plum, cherry, peach. She tries to be mysterious, but she talks too much when wasted. Her grandmother always told her to leave a little mystery about her. She scares men away. Too smart for her good. They are all weak; it explains the lack of remorse when she kills a weak man.

But the hitchhiker, is a man's man. Her stepson disappeared, leaving a blank spot, a page turner to fill in the void. No one stepped up to fill in the void, but she still needed men, she still felt primal. Butterflies, red flags, fight, flight, sex and violence, it all feels at the same - it makes her feel alive. But love and murder are inextricably mixed. She's an addict lying to heerself.

That is profoundly sobering realization.


She. can't. think. straight enough to even journal. Apparently she is that addicted. She has too many problems to take care of a man. Plus the way she is feeling, she would murder someone for no apparent reason. She can't kill the hitchhiker now. She can make him a gimp in the basement.

Wow. That's a disturbing thought. She didn't realize how much rage caused her to drink. Drink, drink, drink. Spend, spend, spend. She went broke on $161,ooo dollars a year. She's overcommitts. She but she overcommitted on completing this killing. She doesn't have time to kill.

She's a trust fund baby. It's causing overstimulation. Her brother founded Draft Kings. He's a billionaire. They money causes her screws to come lose. Her brother funds everything. But she hates everything about him. He was such a thug in high school.

Maybe that's why she likes thugs now. Stop thinking about him. He's an ant and she's going to smite him. He was her new favorite thing and she took it too far. She takes everything to far.

She stills think more serial killers are women and that there are many female serial killers. They just don't get caught until justice is blind.

Speaking of which..open your eyes woman, he says. You're sleeping.

Thank, thank, thank God she was sleeping. Serial killing is just a dream of hers. It's all been an addiction dream. Good thing, overwise her god complex would've killed everyone, she'd become like the unabomber alone in the words killing people, and her manifesto, this very journal is telling on her now. Telling on me now.

You don't know me. But one day, you won't be able to go around the corner without hearing my name.

Take off - delusions of grandeur have kicked in due to the money. Too much money to count in a lifetime. She can't handle it. Love and murder are inextricably mixed.


The new regime has taken over. They are monitoring her dream. They are going to weaponize her. Make her become a super soldier. There is much more killing ahead.


They are on their way now. Somehow they can find her from her dream. Damn Daisy why do you think to much. They damn found you. No mania Daisy - you know what happens when your manic. Overstimulation.She think marriage is the answer, but every time she gets manic she wants to get married. Ugh her next thought -

Cornered, she feels cornered. This is not good. Don't put Daisy in a cage.


She feels like Edgar Allan Poe today. Too bad psych wards are so primitive these days. The regime was people like her to die or be weaponized.

She writes like Poe

A poem called

The Sound of Madness

Fear strikes once again

Surely poltergeists are here

The wind whipping in her ear

But why should I fear?

Hallucinations kick in

Its just the madness within

Bluebirds haunt me

Cardinals too

The red winged black bird?

No its just him

Its reminds of a time

When there was no madness within

I am snowed in

Now where do I begin

I am trapped in my head

Haunted by the undead

Can I feed on their souls?

Should I believe what in my head?

I cannot go with the flow

I’m simply a shell with no soul

You know what helps me think?

A little little drink

The worst decision I made

Was listening to the bartender in my head

I have lost all control

I can feel it in my soul

I am so snowed in

Where do I begin?

Like a tattoo on my skin

The darkness harvests my soul

Can you make out my mind

And the darkness within

The pills make me high

The drunkards take me low

Why must I be haunted

By their tortured twisted souls.

Where do I begin?

Its just the madness within

I don't believe in sin

Get out - you're within

my head, my heart and my soul,

Your heart telling me where you sin

Get out - I know where you live


it's just the madness within!


Daisy is the mass shooting problem in the country. She calls 911 on herself. It's the best idea ever. She decided she LOVES the psych ward. She LOVES everything now.

To be continued...

To hear the madness within


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If you like what you see here, please find me on Amazon. I have two published books under the name of Susan Eileen. I am currently working on a selection of short stories and poems. My two published books are related to sobriety.

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