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Cursed/Haunted Objects

by Lena Bailey 2 years ago

There's lots of them.

So I did an article about whether or not things can be possessed and I fell down a weird hole. It's interesting what can happen if things are cursed or haunted. So let's get into what is said to happen with these objects.

"The hands resist him" painting was painted by artist Bill Stoneham in 1972 and is considered one of the most haunted pieces of art. Every time the painting is sold the seller will warn the buyer that the figures in the painting will move or disappear all together. Sometimes the people or objects will appear in the room in which it was displayed. Many people that have simply viewed the painting, have complained about immediately feeling sick or weak.

One of the famous Dybbuk boxes is a wine cabinet was purchased in 2001 off of eBay by Kevin Mannis, he immediately started having terrible nightmares and so did the people around him. Before he bought it was a Dybbuk box that belonged to a Holocaust survivor who brought it over to America. When he gave it to his mother she had a stroke that day and everyone that owned after her had some awful thing happen to them. Most Dybbuk boxes are believed to be haunted by a restless or malicious spirit. Dybbuk boxes are made by Jewish people, some are actual boxes. There are so many videos of YouTube opening up Dybbuk boxes. You should never open one because it will unleash evil spirits.

In the mid 1800s this wealthy young woman named Anna fell in love with iron worker. They decided to get married and she even bought a dress. When Anna's father found out about the relationship he forbid Anna from marrying the iron worker. She decided she didn't want to marry anyone else and would spend the rest of her life alone. She died bitter, angry, and alone in 1914. Her dress is in an airtight display case in her room in the mansion. People have reported seeing it move by itself in the case and believe it is Anna dancing in her dress.

The Anguished Man painting was hidden in the basement in the childhood home of Sean Robinson. He used to spend hours staring at it because he was drawn towards it and fascinated by it. After his grandma died he inherited the painting, by that time he had a house and a family of his own. Despite many arguments with his wife about it, he hung the painting in the house. This should be a lesson to all men about listening to your wife because after he hung it up paranormal stuff started happening. Some of the paranormal activities included the doors cracking in the middle of the night followed by blood-curdling screams and each member of the family would have nightmares that would wake them up every night. Sean decided to look up the painting and discovered that the painter mixed his own blood into the paint he used to paint the picture. After the artist was done with painting, he committed suicide. When he learned this, Sean put the painting in the basement of his home.

The chair of death, known as Busby’s stoop chair, belonged to convicted murderer Thomas Busby who was hung for his crime. Before he died his last request was to eat his last meal at his favorite pub. His request was granted but after he finished his meal he stood up and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit on my chair.” 63 people died after they sat in the chair and sometimes the death would come minutes after they sat it. The deaths became too much and the owner of the pub donated it to the Thirsk Museum in the UK in 1972. The chair is still there but five feet off the ground so no one will sit in it.

Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann originally discovered in an antique shop in 1970. She was purchased as a gift by a mom for her daughter Donna. After the purchase strange things started happening like she would move to different spots or even into different rooms on her own and she was even stand on her own legs unsupported. Donna would find notes the read "Help Us" around her apartment. Fresh droplets of blood would appear on Annabelle's dress. Donna called in paranormal investigators who found the doll to be possessed by the spirit of a seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins who had haunted the doll after she was murdered. Donna agreed to let Anna stay but the doll’s activities started getting worse and more vicious. So the girls called in two more investigators to help. This time Donna learned that a demon was in the doll. Donna gave Annabelle to the investigators who put it in a glass cabinet in a museum. There's a sign by Anna's cabinet that warns people not to open the cabinet door.

There are so many objects that are haunted or cursed. I may do more of these posts.

Lena Bailey

Kinky, Bi, and maybe part mystic

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Lena Bailey
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