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Creepy Things Every Horror Fan Should Own

For some of us, it's Halloween 365 days a year. Check out these creepy things every horror fan should own and put some more scare in your life.

By Evelyn StarrPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - January 2018

If you're like me, you adore all things dark, scary, and creepy. Monsters, blood, and death are not morbid subjects for you, but fun ones! If that's the case, then you absolutely need to get the rundown on creepy things every horror fan should own.

Life is better when you surround yourselves with things that make you happy. Get yourself excited about waking up in the morning by eating your cereal out of a zombie's head! This creepy little bowl kicks ordinary kitchenware to the curb.

What's extra fun about having a zombie as a bowl is that the cereal actually kind of looks like brains. Basically, this bowl will turn you into a zombie, too.

If you're going to make yourself a proper lair, you need a grim reaper hanging around somewhere. This awesome little guy can stand on your book shelf or hold your papers down. Whatever he does, he's going to give it gothic flair. A throne made out of human bones, a scythe, and an otherworldly killer? These are creepy things every horror fan should own. This particular Grim Reaper appears to have some attitude as well!

This cute, demonic trick or treater is a character from the 2007 movie, Trick 'R Treat. If you haven't seen it, Trick 'R Treat is a film that consists of five stories, all of which are somehow related to each other. (Think Crash or He's Just Not That Into You, in terms of structure.) It might just be one of your new favorite scary movies.

The most memorable character from the movie is Sam. He looks sweet and innocent, but don't let him fool you! He's the trick or treater from hell.

Frankenstein is one of the best classic horror books ever written. Mary Shelley's legacy of terror has lasted for 200 years, never once diminishing in popularity. The proof? These fashionable cufflinks!

Most people's cufflinks are boring and commonplace, but not yours! Look like a rock star by sporting both the monster of Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein on your jacket. These two aren't just creepy things every horror fan should own, but must own.

The Headless Horsemen is another icon of horror recognized around the world. This model kit is comprised of 58 parts and is 11 inches tall in its final form. Any lover of scary stories would thoroughly enjoy this interactive item.

Not only would this be a great purchase for yourself, but if you're searching for a present for someone who loves horror as much as you do, this should be on your list. The Headless Horseman Model Kit is a fantastic gift for horror fans.

Be honest: When you think of Merlot, don't you also think of vampires? Well, I do. Either way, this Dracula wine bottle holder is one of the best creepy things every horror fan should own because it perfectly combines two of your favorite things. Ever horror-loving wino needs this in their life.

Whether you just want to include this wine bottle holder as part of your yearly Halloween stuff or if you want it out all the time, it will seriously amp up your home decor. Your horror collection is never complete without Count Dracula.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson is one of the biggest progenitors of modern horror. Horror master Stephen King cites this work as having a direct influence on his writing—that's how important this story is. In fact, he wrote of the first paragraph of the book, "I think there are few if any descriptive passages in the English language that are any finer than this." Netflix is even in the process of creating its own series based on the book.

No, it's not a cute, fun, or decorative toy, but it is one of the creepy things every horror fan should own for sure. It's a relatively quick read, too, so you have no excuse!

A shower curtain is another example of a boring, everyday object that can be turned into something creative, fun, and creepy. Freak out your house guests with this bloody "revenge" curtain and enjoy your showers that much more. This item is particularly great for someone who adores Alfred Hitchcock's famous, groundbreaking film, Psycho. Beware of knives.

FunKo boasts an incredible line of dolls, but a horror fan favorite is little Freddy Krueger. Krueger, one of the most notorious horror movie villains of all time, is usually a very gruesome looking person, but here he is the equal parts cute and creepy.

If you want some cool paraphernalia to spice up your work desk, FunKo Freddy is a must buy. He'll remind you of your favorite horror flick, but he also won't scare the skins of your coworkers.

Horror movie-related wall decals are creepy things that every horror fan should own. For one, wall decals are super trendy right now. For another, it's an easy way to add character to your white walls.

Sticking a life-sized Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th to your wall is a great way to make your room come to life. Don't want the giant visual? You can find other decals, such as movie quotes from your most beloved horror film, for purchase virtually anywhere online.

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