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Leap of Faith

By LeePublished 4 years ago • 11 min read

Biting my lips to keep my giggling to myself, I perked up as soon as the session was done for the day. I didn't need to stay afterwards in order to get more work done, considering how I've been so busy beneath- I've been using that time for my studies. And that is a long time actually....

I packed up my stuff, the answers and observations having already been written down- I've been spending the day writing for my work beneath, just so it looks like I'm doing work. Which technically I am- just not the work people thought or expected me to be doing.

I'm honestly... so very glad no one ever reads my notes or assignments or worksheets. Otherwise I would have a lot of explaining to do, especially when I have the human anatomy drawn out on the front page, with cross sections cut into it and another diagram of a close up of the cross sections. It's not really something that you can like, comfortably explain to someone 'oh I'm sorry... well you see, I've been doing some extra work to make sure I have these areas down and memorized because I'm going to have to cut them out later?'

Yea right, like anyone would believe that kind of answer. And if they did, it would not be very good for me. Especially since something like that is so outlandish and scary in these secluded private schools- this far out in farming country, no one wants to be stuck with someone who isn't right in the head.

On my way out, I snickered. Course, everyone here is studying to know if someone isn't right in the head- well anyone in this wing of the university. Yet, none of them can see that there isn't anything right with me lately. Rolling my eyes as I walked to the back of the school, I really wouldn't blame them though, I'm way ahead in my studies than they are. Perks of what I'm studying means that I know what things to look out for, what indications and what tells.

Since I know what it is, than I can always be mindful bout how I carry myself and hide them. Easy enough to do that, it's like an actor having to read or study the script constantly. Or like, hiding who you really are.

That makes it sound like it's a bad thing though, because you see. I'm not hiding anything bad, well not with myself at all.... Just, hiding the bad things that have happened to me- and hiding the bad things that I have to do for my family. I want to keep them safe, and in order to do that I have to do this work willingly and compliantly.

What work is it? Well you see, it's the devils work. Raphael is my Boss and he is trying to create an elixir that would take away free will and have complete control over a beings action. The way his current team is going about it, is a liquid based concoction that will be introduced to the bloodstream and infect the brain. And in order to make sure something like that is done correctly without damaging the brain beyond repair and rendering the victim a vegetable... they have me, a would be psychologist. Or at least I'm working on getting my degree in psychology.

And having a medical degree.... Well not really having a medical degree officially, but having the knowledge that comes with the medical field and having training in that area means that in pathology I can study chemicals or the effects of them, affectively being able to use what I know to further advance medicine and having understood and dissected the human brain...

Let's not question where I got a human brain, but that's not the only kind of brain I dissected and studied along with running tests on. With what I know, I'm able to make sure that I would also be a useful person in Refs bid to create his own twisted army.

The only problem that I ran into, was the fact that Ref wants to have each victim connected to a sort of connected conscious, making them more of a hive mind operating under one conscious or under one person. His not happy with them being controlled individually, he wants them to work as a unit- his own little mindless swarm....

So yea, I'm working with a psychopathic demon who wants to create his own army. But he already has a fucking army considering his standing, his one of those.... What do they call them? Overlords? GrimLock? Grim-whatever. The only thing bout that that matters to me is the fact that his already a very high standing authority within his own world. Yet, he wants to control more and have what he calls "Absolute Control."

His crazy, and I don't even need to study him to know his crazy. Considering his species, he doesn't know the meaning of right or wrong. The absolute definition of 'okay' to him is not batting an eye as he orders someone like me to inject a live subject with his trial elixirs and cut open his arm to study what it's doing to his muscles and veins before taking samples to further test on.

And I'm glad that I'm able to hide all that, because I wouldn't want to worry anyone. Or have any of my brothers question me about any problems or pester me about hiding any secrets from them. Nor would I want to be suspended from furthering my education at the University because I'm doing seriously illegal and immoral things.

Squeaking in a high pitched tone, something that carries for a long way I'm told- I walked into the door, bringing my hand up to rub my nose- checking to make sure I didn't break it or anything. I opened the door I walked into, ignoring the smudge on the glass portion of it as I walked out- squinting at the sunlight. Looking around at the large courtyard and gardens I made sure no one was around.

Satisfied with that, I looked at all the windows that lead to the back of the University- they were dark and bare. No flicker of movement and no grey/black/red flashes that would be anyone's uniform- or teachers fittings either. Still empty, on light....

Or as light of feet as I have, I can still hear the scrunching of the grass together beneath my feet and the slight thumping of the heels of my black dress shoes clicking against the ground. I ran to the furthest part of the garden, a wall with climbing roses littering it. The place I'm trying to get to is beyond that wall, there is a stone archway that serves as the gate.

Passing beneath this gate, I ran into the woods beyond. Making my way to the small crystal clear pond within the woods. Simon wasn't at the gate to meet me, so I think I'm going to have to find him. Stumbling on some roots, I fell onto all fours in front of the pond once I broke the treeline.

Shielding my face as the pond lit up with a vibrant and blinding luminescent within. The water acting as a sort of medium as Simon appeared from a tearing hole in the ground, I can feel the heat radiating from the hole from where I am. And this heat is already making me shiver with dread. But once the glow has worn off- I looked up almost happily at Simon.

Only to hear an annoyed growl and feel his hands grip my arms forcefully, jerking me up and lifting me off the ground. "What are you doing on the ground Sita!" he snarled out, setting me on my feet and glaring at me- his look seeming to be like one given to a puppy that has piddled on the carpet.

Blushing as I was set down on my own two feet, I kind of rubbed the back of my head in embarrassment. My long raven mane getting messed up further in the process "I uh... I tripped." I said kind of lamely, his hands tightened on my arms painfully before letting go. He scoffed at me and turned his face away.

He was using his human guise, his still a good 7... 7'8 feet with sandy brown hair falling over his eyes. His never bothered to cut it, his eyes were a striking pearl white with silver flecks. They seemed to shimmer to me and I always wondered how in demon form- his eyes are completely black. Yet, in a human guise they are almost completely white.

Bouncing on my feet I waved my hand up in front of his face as much as I can, my arms wind milling as I squeaked out "Simon Simon Simon Simon" his hand jerked up and grabbed both my wrists, his eyes going down to my face and scowling in disdain at my seemingly annoying attitude.

Smiling cheekily now that I had his attention. I pulled out the stuff I've been working on while I was in the auditorium and held it up for him to inspect "I've improved some of the problems that's been going on, hopefully once we try out these trials It might serve to lessen the drawbacks and hopefully give us some more conclusion findings on which variation of the elixir would work best." I said quickly, probably too quickly for a human being to understand- but since Simon is only a step beneath Ref in standing, he was able to understand quite perfectly.

"I see that." He brawled out, making me huff in indignation at his lack of enthusiasm- he leaned forward and stuffed the papers back into my bag, now doubled over me and practically looming over my 5ft stature. Again, I cursed my insanely small form- I felt so miniscule compared to Simon while he was like this.

5ft is probably making me seem too small. But well, I'm 5ft 1in.... and a half.... That 1 and a half inch doesn't really make a difference in a situation like this. Light was blotted out for Simon and me when his wings fanned out- being an impressive 13ft span and its color was even darker than my hair. Seeming to suck all light around them actually, which I think that's what they're doing- since it's kind of disorienting to gaze on them....

Swaying slightly because I was transfixed with Simons wings, I made a small sound of discomfort at the disorientation- but Simon merely jerked me around so that he can push me against his chest. With loud fluttering of the wind tearing between the feathers we both shot up and I swear I nearly puked.

"SIMON! I'M DIZY!" I squeaked out, I stared at his wings too long and now him taking me on a surprise flight might make me sick. "If you vomit I am not feeding you." I gripping his arms that are wrapped around my middle, and dug my nails in harshly "like H E L L you aren't Simon, you know that a human being has to have proper nourishment to function normally without delay in cognitive abilities"

We dipped harshly, and I can feel leaves from the tree tops skim against my arms. Shrieking as I jerked against Simon- trying to prevent myself from getting like. Fucking wacked by a stray branch or something, my loud screaming must have been very unpleasant for Simon because soon after we leveled out and he carried us higher.

My ears rang from the wind and my own screams being thrown at them- assaulted by such noise. But I can still hear him chuckling, breathing a sigh of relief as he slowly brought me up closer to his head and within the protection that the tops of his wings gave me. The wing is no longer wiping against my head, but I can feel his hot breath against the back of my neck as he leaned down and hissed out "You are still too easy to scare Sita. Why don't you quite that retched noise and enjoy this little reward I'm giving you. You did a good job on working out a more successful trial"

I'll take the way my skin flushed and burned as the unbearable heat that Simon normally generates due to his much larger stature, and his species. But I know I had a dazed smile on my face- looking down at the treetops as we flew higher. I can feel a fluttering in my stomach and my breath catch in my throat. This was beautiful, seeing the sun shine down on the forest below- seeing the shadows along the cliff face and the harsh grey tones of boulders nestled around the forest, the way the light dances off streams and lakes and ponds.

All too soon, the flight ended and we were heading back to the pond again. Once we were descending he leveled out and flew around, still having a tight hold of me he whispered "Sita. Even though you have done a wonderful thing and we will no doubt be rewarded for your efforts, you've still annoyed me. And I didn't appreciate you doing so."

My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat, I gasped as air was stolen- robbed of the opportunity to scream as he dropped me over the pond, wind whipped my hair above me and stung my eyes. I can feel tears escape my eyes and I wanted to squeeze them shut- but I was unable to because my heart was hammering in my chest and fear gripped me.

The pond was suddenly zooming up to meet me. 'No, I'm falling down to meet it' I thought as it got bigger and bigger- the color now blurring. I didn't scream, even though I sorely wanted to- closing my mouth and my eyes as I splashed into the water- hearing it drown out all other sounds as the roaring of liquid and misplaced water met my ears, everything was muted and had a sort of echoed quality.

Due to how high I was falling and how fast, I began shooting down towards the bottom for quite some time before I was slowed to a stop. Opening my eyes, I saw the murky depths- seeming to be a dark blue almost black. Since I was looking down into much darker depths I looked back up and begin frantically kicking my feet. My lungs screaming for air and my fingers clawing desperately for the surface as I kicked my legs with all I had.

Finally, I broke the surface and coughed up water, gasping and gulping greedily as I just floated there- breathing and trying to calm my frantic heart. I still heard roaring in my ears, but it wasn't water. It was my blood now, finally calm. I blinked and focused on my surroundings only to see Simon hovering about my head. In my sudden panic, I swarm my fist on instinct and it collided with his nose with a loud crunch, the impact of my punch drove me underwater and I came back up with an angry screech.

"YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE SIMON!" his blood dripped down into the water around me. I looked up at him, he was trying to stench the blood flow and tears were streaming down his face.

With a smug grin, I began swimming for the edge of the pond in order to drag myself out of it. Simon drops me from about 4000 feet into the water? Its fine, I can break more than just his nose soon enough.

Everything hurts though, I wish he would understand that I'm only human....


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