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by Lee 3 years ago in fiction
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Planned Attack

Sam was working on another section of her lab, the previous was blown up due to her... anger issues. While she was working on a volatile mixture for her explosives, she got a correspondence from Buck stating that there is a job for them- the both of them. And that she is expected to come along as per agreement of the shared holdings of the transport company.

Course, she wasn't so happy about that. And well, she basically have the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in her hands at the time.... So, a section of her lab was blown up- along with her inconveniently. After picking up the pieces and closing down that section, her equipment worked on patching Sam up as per its protocols.

Sentinels made and programed by her to work out of sight, least she decide to break a few of them. Once a section is damaged beyond repair and needs to be shut down, her system does scans and tests to determine how bad the damages are, once its shut down her sentinels work on picking up the pieces and having it transported to another area.

And this time, she was left among the wreckage, so one of the programed bots had to take her to a new section in order to work on assessing her injuries and patching her up. She was taking a blast that closed a whole sector down at point blank, I'm surprised the sentinel recognized her at all. It's probably the scans they do on the area to determine chemical signatures, her makeup on the scans must have brought up her Identification.

She woke up in a vat, staring at the ceiling dazed. Her brain was still scrambled and she can still feel the heat of the explosion, licking her lips she worked on tilting her head to take inventory of who else is in the room with her. It was just the sentinel plugged in to her network- a wire connected to the base of its neck to the wall as it worked on creating some mixture.

She stared, fixated and curious about what it was doing. The sentinel was a machine built by her after she got the idea of non-sentient workers from Buck, it's a basic humanoid form with red and black hues for its outer shell. The colors are matched to her own rank, considering they are hers- she needs her mark on them. They have no face, because she never deemed it important giving them one.

Over the area where their face would be, is a black mask. It's a sort of two way mirror type thing, beneath it is its 'mouth' that can be pulled up along with its 'eyes'. Its ears at the top of its head is more a keen to short antennae that rotates with any sound vibrations in the air, even should they be removed its 'hearing' should still be far better than an average humans, tilting her head again she watched as the mixture was finished up.

Then it opened up the mask on its face, she saw the identification code among the... features, the flask was taken into the empty and cavernous maw that is its mouth, filled with rolls of razor sharp 'teeth' made from a certain type of metal that she manufactured. The flask was crushed and devoured, shattering glass as she watched the mixture disappear and its mask go over its 'face' "Status report." She said, once the mask was in place.

"Sector 97-D sections A through 6 has been shut down due to irrefutable damages done to the sector upon scans. Testing showed that the cause of such damages was a [Redacted] reaction due to a [Redacted] amount of [Redacted], equipment have been salvaged and moved to [Redacted] and awaiting further repairs to equipment. The area has been scored for any living individuals and chemical signatures left behind by [Redacted] and found one Samantha Esther Essica at the epicentre of the blast range."

Rubbing her head as she worked on moving in the vat, blinking when her other arm wouldn't comply with the motion.

"Once Samantha Esther Essica was brought out of the Sector and brought over to section 8-HIVE 47 for medical aid and assistance in healing. Healing factor was currently working at a percentage of 87%" her eyes widened, that percentage is awfully high. "Log of Injuries were the instanteous amputation of both arms and severe lacerations to left leg, at thigh there was severe damages that resulted in the removal of the limb in order to prevent Healing Factor of trying to repair the damage." Ah shit, yea that would explain the high percentage.

"Upon completion of the task, one Samantha Esther Essica was treated for [Redacted] and system purged of [Redacted] residue, Healing Factor was a percentage of 56 by this point. Strain to the rest of her body was lessen upon removal of the limb. By this point, one Samantha Esther Essica was forced into stasis upon commands in the system to ensure a recovery made with no interruptions." Looking away from the sentinel she nodded "Good." She whispered.

Biting her lips she breathed lowly "How much longer." The sentinel drifted over to her, 'staring' down at the vat "Upon Awakening, decision of placing the [Redacted] into the mixture is up to Samantha Esther Essica to speed up recovery, awaiting Commands now." Rolling her eyes "Do It." Its arm split, becoming 4 claws as its blunted tip hovered over her body. She can see the second mixture being added to the vat already.

The claws from the sentinel's body went over her shoulders and hips to push her down into the vat as she watched it begin to mix, closing her eyes she relaxed and allowed it to happen- even after she felt the immediate effects. Above the surface of the vat, she can hear a countdown and a status report on recovery of her physical body.

Once the status report met full operational abilities, those claws curled around her form and pulled her out of the vat, her tense body being held above the liquid in order for the excess to drip. "Welcome Back to your Duties Samantha Esther Essica." The sentinel droned out as it began to carry her towards the showers to remove the substance from her form.

Once she was set down she rolled her shoulders and looked back towards the door, knowing that now that the sentinel's protocols have been carried out, that it will disappear with the rest that was tending to the sector. Repairs of the area will be made on schedule without much delay now that the assurance of her health has been seen to.

Rolling her eyes, she turned on the water, her finger tips numb and cold- her body covered with that blue substance that hurt. So she was more than happy to wash it from herself, biting her lips as it was drained away. Walking out she took a pair of civilian gear and put that on, padding out of the room with bare feet before the gear extended to cover them. Now barely audible thumps accompanied her strides.

"Alright, this.... This is...." Ugh, she needs to go speak to Buck about how much longer until the date in which they have to meet up with the client. Details need to be looked over and preparations made, she needs to make sure she did enough research on the area and clients and their holdings to ensure her and Buck don't have any nasty surprises waiting for them.

Going to the monitor room, she was humming as she walked the empty hallways, happy to be active again. She was absently wondering how long she's been out since the explosion, speaking of explosions. She went to the sector that was shut down for repairs and put on a face mask at the closed off corridor. Once the facemask was secure, she punched in the codes to open up the sector for her. After authorization was given she froze.

When the door opened up, it showed walls that were crumbled, the beams exposed and equipment nothing but gutted masses of wires and pipes. Electrical boards still sparking and the lights above hanging from barely tangled frames- some still flickering. Others were completely shot out, some patches here and there was just. Gone. Vaporized and reduced to ashes or empty space.

Biting her lips as she looked down at her hands, moving her fingers. She wonders if her arms were vaporized in the blast also, she knows her chest and abdomen would have sustained severe burns. "How long was I out?" she mused silently, beginning to walk by the wreckage to get to the other part of the sector. She wanted to get to the end that connects to a part of her armory. She needs to make sure much wasn't lost, she would handle some loses or damages that would need to be repaired.... But having whole arsenals destroyed would be.

Gritting her teeth, she moved past rubble and tilted her head at a burnt oxidized spot on the floor. The edges rusting and flecks coming off to dissolve- much have been where she was. Even now, her blood is still eating away at the metal "that looks...." Eyeing the spot on the floor she shook her head, walking past that hesitantly.

"Course it would be unreachable." She muttered, seeing the area that she wishes to go to is a dead end. The hallway towards the doors were blocked off by fallen rubble. "I'll have to check it out after the sentinels have dealt with the repairs." Turning around, she walked back out of the sector, ashes and dust being kicked up in her wake.

Leaving the mask at the door again, she finally made her way back to the monitor room. Going to the controls and taking out a disc to begin the transmission to Buck, anxious as she did so. "Where the hell have you been Samantha, I've been trying to get a hold of you for a week now!" oh, looks like he isn't very happy right now.

She stared at Bucks scarred face, tracing the lines and the obvious scowl on his face- setting his mouth in a thin line. Looking back up at his eyes now, she giggled when she saw they were conveying his rage quite well. "You should know better than to give me unfavorable news while I'm working. We both know the consequences of such an action." She droned out in a dull tone, going back to studying his scars after she's met his gaze.

Shaking his head, he took the hologram and focused it higher so that she was staring at his eyes again "How much has been?" he asked slowly. She shrugged "the whole sector." She said, careless bout it since it can be regained. "How long?" he sighed, running his hands through his short hair and rubbing the back of his head. "3 Weeks Samantha. The date in which we have to meet the client is in 2 days."

She choked, staring wide eyed at him in disbelief, he nodded "2 Days Samantha. What work you want to do before than has to be done here. I've done my own research, you can go over that and look for what else is missing." She nodded, wrapping her arms around herself and shivering "I'll be there." she whispered, he eyed the civilian gear she was still currently using and her damp hair "You just woke up?" she nodded mutely.

"I'll have the information ready." Connection was cut off, she looked back at the screens hovering above her dashboards and she shook her head. Walking towards her personal quarters in order to grab clothes before picking up field devices to throw on over the gear she is currently using.

With her clothing picked out, she walked towards the armory and walked past the room to get to the back. Seeing the racks of suits, she let her hand hover above a disc that contains one for her and Buck in it. Taking it she went to the back wall and began equipping her gear with extras, the applications being carefully thought out for the job she thinks she will have to do.

Anything she's missing, she kept on hand within discs much as the one that's carrying the suits. Putting her clothes on over her gear she slipped on her boots and put her sheaths in place. Humming she took her messenger bag and put the discs inside its compartments. Shifting through its contents she made sure she had everything she usually packs in there.

"Guess.... I better get going." She's... not looking forward to this, at all. Somethings missing, she knows something is missing.


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