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Chucky Review: "Death Becomes Her"

The second half of Season Three begins with Chucky coming to grips with his current fate

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read

It feels like ages since Chucky graced our small screen, but it's only been a few months. At long last, the second half of the third season of the series has hit the small screen, and here's what went down.

President James Collins is doing some uber-damage control following the deadly chandelier occurrence at the Halloween party. As for FLOTUS Charlotte Collins, she still has Warren Pryce on her case, while James suddenly sees and hears his deceased young son, Joseph. Jake, Devon and Lexy are looking to make their latest plan to go after Chucky, which is hampered by Lexy and Grant's relationship ending.

And then...there's Chucky.

Chucky is aging...badly. Yet he's still managing to add yet another victim to his alreadly long list, the White House cleaner, whose drink was poisoned by Chucky, who goes into grumpy "I'm too old for this shit" mode as his latest victim expires. Chucky is tended to by Henry, but when he's about to get Chucky's favorite blankie, he sees a spot of blood and later screams in seeing remnants of Teddy's murder. As for Jake and Devon, they visit the not-so-good voodoo doctor, who revealed to the boys that Chucky was at death's door, and there would be no way out for him. They are also told that once Chucky dies, his soul would be in the spirit realm, which was a response to Jake's inquire regarding destroying Chucky's soul. We also see Lexy attempt to make up with Grant, but let's get to the real heart of this episode.

Chucky was shown watching a number of noted "evil doll" films. First was The Boy, which came out in 2016 and spawned a sequel. Chucky dismissed it as a joke before switching to Dead Silence, which he mocked because "it didn't even get a franchise." Finally, he switched to M3GAN. Yeah. The new evil doll phenonemon that Chucky's already been feuding with. After accusing M3GAN of stealing all of his moves, he gives the finger to "Ma-three-gan." I'm still wondering why Annaabelle was not referenced in this sequence. Anyway, Chucky watched a news report about Tiffany (aka Jennifer Tilly), and decides to call her and reveal his situation to her. After speaking about what they had been through together, Chucky informed Tiffany that he plans on throwing in the proverbial towel when the protagonists come for him, only for Tiffany to advise Chucky to go out in a blaze of glory.

And that blaze included actually killing James. Yes, folks, not even playing the Commander in Chief protected Devon Sawa from being knocked off by Chucky. So yeah, Chucky's planning to burn it all down. Oh, and remember that image of Teddy's murder? We also see a spooky reenactment of Miss Fairchild's murder as well. Holy moley.

Devon Sawa has to hold the record for most times knocked off by Chucky. He played four different characters on this TV series, and they've all been killed, in some form or fashion by Chucky. The killer doll just knocked off the most powerful person in America. That's really going to shake things up. Also, we have the spooky reenactments playing out. One has to think that Damballa's causing it, but what's the endgame here? This should be really, really interesting.

Episode 3.05, "Death Becomes Her," aired on USA and Syfy on April 10, 2024. It's also known as the midseason premiere, but obviously, this episode kicks off the back half of the season, which has three episodes left overall. I'm still wondering if this season will be the swan song. The signs point to "yes" in that regard. In any event, I sense an immensely epic finale coming this season.

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  • Glen Miley Collierabout a month ago

    This episode felt like a season finale to me. I mean, what could be bigger than Chucky bumping off the USA president?

  • Philip Gipsonabout a month ago

    Your review on this episode is incredible!!!

  • Mariann Carrollabout a month ago

    Another on of your great review. 👍🏽👍🏽

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