Chilling Tales from YouTube

Six of the Best Scary Story Narrators and Content Providers on YouTube

Chilling Tales from YouTube

YouTube may not be the first place you look for scary stories, but among the cute kittens and top ten lists, there are some really terrifying narrators. From things that go bump in the night to evil ancient spirits, here are some of the best scary story narrators on YouTube.

There is something going on in America’s National parks. Mutilated bodies, mysterious staircases in the forest, and the bodies of missing people found in impossible places. The park rangers know something, but they are not talking. Theories about primitive beasts and magic long forgotten or aliens having a “bit of fun” run riot, but all that can be said is that this tale of the great American outdoors tells us there is more to fear than just the bears and hillbillies.

Imagine you are on a mountain cabin getaway with your significant other. It begins to snow out of the blue, trapping you and your significant other on the mountain. No biggie you think. You got food and the heater is excellent. Then the scary stuff happens. After going for a hike, you both discover a handmade dreamcatcher waiting for you by the back door. At night you hear footsteps, cries, and singing. When you return home, you find something has followed you home. Figures stood in the back garden and your significant other seems to be possessed.

Two atmospheric accounts of things that creep and crawl under the city streets of Britain. "The Blind Beast of Old Gloucester" tells the tale of a shop assistant locked in Gloucester’s underground tunnels by a vindictive boss. Trapped in the dark and left with no other option than to explore them in the hope of finding another exit, but there is something in the dark.

The second story, "Sewers," is an account of two sewer workers in the depths of London’s Victorian sewer system. Employed to inspect and repair the sewers, the pair have always heard creeping sounds in the dark silence and now the producers of the sounds are coming out of the sewer walls.

This graphic diary entry is a chilling and sicking tale from the Deep Web. Upon their overweight uncle’s death, the protagonist decides to do the obvious thing. Eat him! This leads them on a path of discovery and a new business opportunity. Sadly, this creepy tale has been taken down from YouTube, although there is this reaction video where you can still be chilled by the majority of this sicking journal entry.

Part of a collection of stories, "The Scarecrow Corpse" details an account from a trainee coroner about a “possible body” found slumped on the Washington subway. The possible body, a man with no ID or even a phone upon his person, is not breathing, he has no pulse, and his skin is cold to the touch. He is dead! An open and shut case for the student coroner and their mentor. The only problem: the dead man blinks and even smiles.

"Excuse me. I am lost, can I come in and borrow your phone to ring my parents?" asks the child.

You feel yourself move to comply, taking pity on the lost child. Then you see their eyes, they are just deep black pools. Dread fills your heart. If you are wise, you slam the door in their face. You have just met a Black-eyed child. This documentary, by YouTube paranormal researcher, The Paranormal Scholar, takes a closer look at the unnerving black-eyed children phenomena. Figments of a colourful imagination? Creatures from folklore? Or part of a government coverup? Just don’t open your door to them.

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