Channel Infinity

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Please use extreme caution when attempting this ritual. Like others, it may seem like a game, but there is always a danger.

Channel Infinity

If you have played the ritual the three kings, then this one is a bit similar to it. If you ever had a burning question for the unknown or even had the urge to seek the truth then you may attempt this ritual. Keep in mind, although the pay off is amazing, the road to it is no simple task and everything is ruled by chance.

Please use extreme caution when attempting this ritual. Like others, it may seem like a game, but there is always a danger.

If you have a strong nerve to attempt this, you will need:

  • 1 item of personal significance or that you hold dear. It can be a photo, stuffed animal, or even a charm as long as it has a significant value to you. Please try to use an item that you do not have multiple possessions of.
  • 1 favorite book. The book can be either paperback or hardcover, the reading level, and thickness does not matter. The book does need to be in somewhat good condition.
  • 1 cellphone, either a track phone or regular cellphone will do. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before starting.
  • 1 usable key—any key. This key can be a safe, locker, car, house, etc. Just be a smart ass and use a card key, that won't work.
  • A sledgehammer or a pickaxe. These weapons are optional to help the ritual go a lot smoother.

Other mandatory items include:

  • 1 quiet room with a door. A room where you can't be disturbed; most preferred is a bedroom.
  • 1 television—the older, the better. Analog is ideal for better Experience
  • 1 remote control—not necessarily the one that came with the television, it can be a newer remote or someone else's.

To begin the ritual, first set up the television in a quiet room that you have chosen and turn the television on.

Next, you must tune into any channel that is static if you are using an analog machine or plain black or a “no signal” screen if you are using a digital one.

Place the remote control somewhere nearby in the room and then leave the room. Do not enter back in for three hours. If other people live in the house with you make sure they stay out of the room as well.

While you are waiting for the three hours to pass, gather the last of the items listed above if you haven't done so already: The item of personal significance, the book, the key, the cellphone, and the weapon.

While waiting take this time to call your partner or friend and have them come over. You may also invite over more people or loved ones if desired and brief them on what is about to occur. Some prefer a small group because there is strength numbers.

After the three hours have passed, gather the people you call over outside the quiet room. With your items in hand enter the room, but leave your partner(s) outside. Close the door behind you and settle yourself comfortably in front of the television. Keep your eyes on the screen and stay there until you begin to feel different or feel that something has changed.

Once you have reached the right mental state, call your partner(s) into the room and select the one person who means the most to you. Give that person the item you have chosen to be most precious to you or of personal significance, f you did not grab or have such item that you hold dear, just hug that person close and whisper to them a very dear secret.

Before you send your partner(s) out of the room you must instruct them not to come back in until you open the door yourself. Regardless as to what they may or may not hear coming from inside, they must not enter, it will be harder for them but safer for you if there be more people outside. Once they have left them, close the door and sit on a chair facing away from the television.

Listen closely to the area surrounding you, if you hear silence do not proceed, but if you hear a noise quickly pick up the remote control and turn to face the television.

On the tv screen, a yes or no question will be displayed, you must answer it with the remote by pressing the “channel up” button for yes, and the “channel down” button for no. you must answer the questions displayed truthfully or else you will suffer a punishment which will be most unpleasant. You must do this for as many questions as they appear on the screen the number of questions can range from 10 to 26.

At the conclusion of the questions, one of three things may occur:

  • If your favorite television show appears on the screen you must watch it. this will be difficult as all the characters that are shown in the show will be heart-wrenching and killed. You must watch the show to completion and you must not look away, no matter what you might see.
  • As you look around the room you and feel like something is off, turn the TV off and leave the room. Never return to that room again unless you wish to meet a terrible fate.
  • A strange shimmery vortex will surround you and you will be pulled somewhere that you have never been to before.

If you find yourself in this world follow these steps to the letter:

In this world, you will find yourself in a twisted replica of your house. go to your room to get the items listed, you will need them for this part. Once you find them take the items and exit your house.

Outside will be a more evil looking version of our world, around you will see the red sky, grey sun, black orange plants, and ever-present thin vermilion mist.

Travel to the nearest public building and open the door with the key in your possession and enter it. The key you have brought will fit the lock, no matter what the key is it will fit. However, if you did not bring a key, climb in through a window that you can fit through.

Find a room with only one way in or out and enter it, close the door behind you, sit down, and read the book that you have brought with you. If you did not bring your book, sit down and be bored or scared for the time being. Try not to slip into madness or paranoia in the meantime.

If you hear nothing for an hour do not proceed with the ritual, but f you hear footsteps don't look up from the book from your book or look to the ground and wait until they fade out of auditory range. After the person has left, begin to count aloud to 250.

After every 10 numbers, you will hear a footstep come closer and closer to the door. Once you count to 250 you will hear a knock on that door. If you hear three knocks open the door, but if you hear four knocks repeat the words “I forbid you” twice and then open the door.

If you open the door and there is no one there, do not proceed with the ritual instead run back to your home without looking back no matter what and switch the television off to abort the ritual.

But if there is a stone statue of a person you love dearly outside that door destroy the statue making sure to smash its head to bits with the sledgehammer or pickaxe. If it is a female, make sure to destroy the left hand as well. If you did not get the hammer or pickaxe, do your best to destroy it by pushing it over to destroy it or in any other way you can.

After demolishing the statue exit the building from the entrance you came in through.

Outside it will be night time with the moon hanging in the sky, look at the moon. It will either be pink or green and either full or half.

  • If you see a pink half moon: Take out your cellphone and call your third most recent contact.
  • If you see a pink full moon: Take out your cellphone and call a random number, but before the person on the other end picks up, bite your tongue straight through. If you didn't bring your phone, then pretend to call someone. Use your imagination, but you’ll most likely bite through your tongue.
  • If you see a green half moon: Remove your clothing and run as fast as you can home, don’t look back no matter what for if you do, your gonna wish you hadn't.
  • If you see a green full moon, you're basically screwed and will be dead within half an hour. I commend you for coming thus far and hope your death is a painless one.

If it is one of the first three, you will wake up in front of the television so that you can continue the ritual. If you see an image of the person, animal, place or anything you hate most in the world on the television screen, you must destroy the television screen using the weapon you have or be a badass and use your fist. Don't worry about breaking the tv it will fix itself good as new. After it has finished fixing itself, you will have reached channel infinity. Now all you have to do is choose something to watch what you do now is up to you.

What do you want to know first? The meaning of life, how to find true love, is there a God?

If you press the “guide” function on your remote control, you will see infinite shows listed and all you have to do is choose.

You will have more of a chance to see a life-changing show the more people that you have waiting outside of the room.

However, If you keep watching the static on the tv without going to the guide or break eye contact with the television, a series of images will flash on the screen that which if deciphered will reveal the answer to your greatest questions.

You have infinite options at your fingertips. If you don't know where to start just do what you feel like you must and something will happen.

You can leave the room at any point. However, once you have left you may never speak of what you have learned after accessing Channel Infinity to anyone ever. Those who have spoken have never been heard from again.

You can only reach Channel Infinity a maximum of four times over the course of your lifetime.

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