Midnight Man

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Your candle is basically your lifeline in this game.

Midnight Man

WARNING! Play this game at your own risk of torture and death.

The Midnight Game, The Midnight Man, and Midnight Man Game were used as a ritual to summon The Midnight Man to punish rule breakers in Pagan religions long ago. Nowadays, it is for daring or really dumb people who want to impress their friends or have nothing better to do. This game is very dangerous and could lead to injury or death. In this game, you are personally inviting a demon into your house to play. Things can go wrong when playing this game and if they can go wrong they will. If you think that you are brave enough and are still willing to attempt this ritual then read carefully the rules below.

Everything you need to summon the Midnight Man into your home can be found in and around your home. Keep in mind, this is a one player game and playing with more than one person may give away your or the other person's location in the house leading the Midnight Man to find you. Make sure that you are home alone at night with no one else in the house, this will ensure your loved ones will be safe. You’ll need the following supplies to play: a sheet of paper or parchment, a writing utensil, a sharp object in order to draw blood, candle(preferably a big enough one to last, a box of matches or lighters, a door in your house (preferably wooden), a watch to keep track of time, and salt.

First, you need to turn off all the lights in the house(no light of any kind should be showing beside your candle).

Second, light the candle in your possession.

Third, you need to write your name on the paper(first, middle, and last). It can only be the name of the player of the midnight game. Any other name will either lead to the ritual not working.

Fourth, prick your finger with the sharp object and add a drop of blood on the paper, allow it to soak into the sheet. Only your blood is required for the ritual. This is what you would think of as a contract for the game-sealing in. You cannot use anyone else's blood except yours. If you try to use anyone else's blood or animal blood the ritual will either not work or you will automatically lose.

Fith, go and place the paper with your name and blood on it on the floor in front of the door you will be using. the door should be closed at this point.

Sixth, when you are ready and the time is right, knock on the door 22 times with the ticking of the clock, the 22nd knock MUST occur at 12 am.

Finally, proceed to open your door, blow out the candle, and close the door. If you have followed the ritual correctly you will have now summoned the "Midnight Man".

As soon as you close the door, immediately relight your candle and quickly move to another room without your candle going out. This is the game until the clock hits 3:33 AM.

Your candle is basically your lifeline in this game. It is your tale-tell of when he is near and it also protects you to some extent. If all else fails or you are too afraid, that's where your salt comes in.

This is when the game begins your goal is to avoid the Midnight Man at all costs. You will have to move through the house to avoid him to stay alive and in the game. You can tell if he is near you when your candle goes out, the air gets chilly, hear a low whisper, or, if you're unlucky enough, he will appear in front of you. You must relight the candle within 10 seconds of it going out. If you cannot relight it, throw down a circle of salt around yourself and stay inside the circle from 12:01 AM to 3:33 AM.

If you are still alive at 3:33 AM, you’ve won. If not, you’ll be tortured, sometimes to death, until 3:33 AM. Keep in mind it is extremely rare to see someone after they have lost the man...or maybe its not them in the end...

–Christian H. from Hindsville Arkansas and Addison B. from Villa Rica, GA.

This story is from my childhood from being on the web looking for scary stories to keep me up at night. While giving credit to the author of the story I also encourage you to check out the Urban Legends online site urbanlegendsonline.com. There you can get your fill of scary stories from many categories. Also, feel free to help support my profile by donating/tipping to my page!

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