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Cabin In The Woods


By Kristina BrulePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. Screaming winds and screeching wolves joined in sync the dance of the flames. Screams and laughter echoing into the night as the moon illuminates all around. The creeping shadow of an unknown figure lingering about the flames, whispering words known only to her and the spirit she is evoking. Blood drips down into a bowl filled to the brim with the thick nauseating liquid. Smoke filled the room and the aroma of death radiated throughout the cabin. Not a thing in sight, the wrinkled lady speaks. “ It should have worked. Hello? ” Silence.

KNOCK KNOCK. Things falling off every surface in the cabin one by one. Cracking and snapping as they hit the ground. Closer and closer to the women, a shadow lingering in every corner. Unfazed as this earthquake nears “Ah so you are here. Bernabe stop being dramatic.” Bam another item on the floor, this time next to her foot. “ Mom has a job for you, it's time to use your abilities for something useful.”

In the flash of an eye, in the shallow light as the flame of the candle continues to flicker. You can see the disfigured man with flesh falling off his black bones and scars round his body. Teeth as sharp as arrowheads and nails as sharp as razors. Broken speech and ragged breath the man speaks with a deep demonic voice. “ y..yes m.oom.” Black goo filling his mouth as he speaks. Slowly drip,dripping down his body to the floor. Creating a puddle looking like an endless pool of death. As the night fades to black and the clouds cover the moon, animals flee the forest with cries for help and fear. Teenagers laughing and messing around a campfire, telling stories and eating. Surrounded by trash and even a dead deer.

“BOO” one screams as he lunges towards the group. Screams emit from the group. A variety of low and high pitches piercing the ears of any lurking near.

“Come on George, that's not funny” A young girl cries.

“It was funny to me” The first boy chokes out while still laughing.

A strong wind comes in from the east and blows the fire out, leaving the group in the cold, dark, silent forest. A flashlight turns on as one kid struggles to find the fire starter.

A whiney voice finally cutting through the fearful quiet “ come on Derek you’re supposed to make sure we have the fire all night. Hurry up. Ew, who's touching me? stop.” A long eerie silence stiffens the air. “ I said stop!” With this the fire turns back on as bright as can be flickering in the same rhythm as the candle. “ Derek?” The group looks around but to no avail as Derek is gone.

A redhead girl pipes in screaming and pointing towards the thick of the woods. “ D..Derek!..” A trail of blood mixed with pieces of skin and limbs leading to a tree decorated with Derek’s insides. His intestines hang like garland, his fingers and toes like ornaments, his head the tree topper. As she faints and hits her head on the dead deer, impaling her eye with its antlers as blood runs down her face. The first guy that spoke runs away only to disappear into the darkness. A blonde girl, the youngest of the bunch, grabs the knife covered in the bucks blood.

“Come and get me, asshole!” Turning in circles while holding the knife out a long shadow grabs her by her foot and throws her into the fire. As her flesh burns black the smell of her skin cooking fills the forest calling forth the predators of the night. Hissing with pain and flailing around the noises and movements stop as she hits the ground. The last one alive, scared and crying looks around, unable to move. Closing his eyes and murmuring a prayer, the dark figure appears behind, reaching for his head. As he grabs his face it all turns black as he too is dragged into the shadows.


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Kristina Brule

I have loved writing since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems all the time growing up. I have two poetry books and one fiction book published. Every little thing I write has pecies inside of me that show who I am

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  • Sarah Johns2 years ago

    Such vivid and scary descriptions!!!

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