Bloody Mary

An Oldie, but Still a Goodie!

Bloody Mary

We all know the story behind the infamous lady in the mirror. Well, at least one of the several variations of the stories that depict her demise, how she ended up being the center of slumber parties, how to invoke her, and what she does if you are indeed successful in conjuring her bloody, evil spirit.

Bloody Mary, or "the mirror witch," goes by many different names. These include Bloody Bones, Hell Mary, Mary Worth, Mary Lou, Black Agnes, Svarte Madame, and many others. With the differing names to summon her by, the outcomes also differ... injury, driven to madness, or death. No-one knows for certain her exact origin but the conspiracies that surround the legend are interesting none the less.

Is it just a trick of the imagination in the dark, or is there really something in the mirror? Here are two of my favorite renditions of the popular legend.

Countess Bathory

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Ahhh... Elizabeth Bathory, a Countess notorious for torturing and killing servants and peasants alike. She would drain their blood into a tub and bathe in it, truly believing that their blood would keep her young and vibrant. Although not considered to be a big part of this legend, her behavior earned her a place in the terrifying ritual.

The incantations for this particular summoning include the sleepover go to, "Bloody Mary." Repeating these words over and over, from a whisper to a near scream, is said to bring her into the mirror. First, the mirror will turn blood red. Then, as the chanting continues, her face will appear. This is to be done in total darkness, no candles or light source of any kind. Her face will become clearer and clearer as you stare into the glass. At this point, you will NEED a light source. The light will vanquish her but only if you succeed in locating a light source quickly. If you fail to do so... you will be in a pool of your own blood.

Queen Mary

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Mary Tudor, the Queen of England, whom was unable to bear her husband a son. She suffered many miscarriages but never successfully carried a baby to term. She is best known for her role in the deaths of many Protestants in an effort to re-establish Catholicism as the religion of her lands. These are the two details of her life that left her with the name "Bloody Mary."

"Bloody Mary killed her baby" is the chant for this one. Lighting a single candle on either side of the mirror is a must. After repeating the chant several times into the mirror, a fog will form. It will appear as though it is behind you, but it is forming in the mirror itself. You will begin to see the form of the upper half of a woman. She will kill you if you don't blow the candles out quick enough as she closes the distance between you and her.

"Hell Mary" is another ritual used that was created through her hatred of the Protestants. This ritual involves wrapping a bible in foil and placing it in the direct center in front of the mirror. While lighting two candles on either side of the bible (total of four candles), repeat the words "Hell Mary" thirteen times. Take it slow, and ensure the lighting of the fourth candle happens while saying it the thirteenth time. Stare into the mirror and there you should see a dense red fog. There is a form far off in the distance but it will not come closer. You will notice the candles begin to flicker but they will not go out just yet. Do not take your eyes from the mirror as you smell and see whiffs of smoke rise in front of you. That would prove to be your demise. Just wait and stare until the candles blow out from a sudden gust of chilly air. Now you can look away. The bible will be ash in the foil.

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