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The Master's Pets

By Lystra VestalPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Talion leaned back in his chair as the mirror returned to its usual sheen. He stared out at his reflection, a slow smile spreading across his face.

"Finally," he laughed.

A knock sounded at the door.

"Enter," Talion said, taking a sip from his wine.

A servant peeked in, tilting her head to the side so her throat was exposed. "Alpha, Bastille has returned."

He waved her away. "Send him to me, Angelina."

"At once," she said, leaving.

Talion was pouring another glass of wine when the door opened again. A short man walked in, his traveling clothes dusty and his boots covered in mud. He had silver eyes and salt and pepper hair. The man knelt before Talion, tilting his head the same as Angelina.

"Alpha," Bastille greeted.

Talion waved him up. "Rise, Beta. What do you have to report?"

"Nothing much of consequence. I received a raven from Dragar, however." Bastille rose, retrieving a rolled up bit of parchment.

"I know of its contents already. Our Lady has finally awoken and is requesting our return to her side," Talion said, watching his Beta's face.

Bastille's pupils narrowed and his breath hitched. "How do you know this?"

Talion showed his teeth in a smile. "She has summoned us. Prepare the pack."

Bastille tiled his head and left.

When the door closed, Talion rumbled low in his chest, his eyes beginning to glow.

"Our beta does not seem pleased at the return of the Lady Morgana," a soft voice said.

"No, daughter. He does not," Talion said, sipping his wine.

A tall, willowy woman stepped out from behind a tapestry of the moon, her eyes glowing a brilliant violet. "Is it wise to leave him in control of our relocation?"

Talion's face softened as he walked over. "With you watching over for me? I have all the faith of the stars that it will go well."

She bowed her head, her throat covered by her white hair. "You honor me, Alpha."

Talion kissed the top of her head, chuckling. "Little Luna, you honor yourself in the Dark Lady and in my heart."


Talion snarled, his claws extending and retracting as he clamped down on the wolf inside of him. The room was silent but for the sobbing of a woman on the bed. Bastille stood in the corner of the room, his teeth exposed through his lips and his claws digging into his hand. An old woman reached into a basin of water and drained a cloth, taking a step towards the woman.

Talion moved in a blink of an eye, pinning the frail woman against the wall with his claws a hair's breath away from her throat. His eyes glowed an icy blue and his teeth descended. His mouth belonged to a predator, not a human. The scent of urine mixed in with the sickly sweet scent of blood in the room.

"Give me one reason not to rip your throat out and feed your bones to my pack," Talion growled, his voice barely above a whisper.

The door to the room opened. "Oh, you should rip her throat out, Alpha. She is an incompetent fool and wants to see your kind in cages. Or graves. I don't think she really cares which."

The woman that walked through the door was striking with long, crimson hair and bright yellow cat eyes. A small gargoyle and a bald man followed her. Talion glared at her, his lips pulled back. She smiled, holding his gaze.

"My dear, sweet Alpha. I am here to give you a gift," she said, striding towards a small bassinet. She looked down at the ashen baby swaddled in furs. "It's such a sad thing. To lose a child."

She reached out, running her fingers through the child's hair. Talion snarled. It caught in his throat, choking him. Bastille charged, his claws extended. She didn't look away from the baby as she waved her hand towards him, like batting away a fly. He flew back, slamming into the wall. His skull made a dull thud.

"Control yourself, son of Adrille. I'm here to give you a gift."

"... Wh... what... gift..." he forced out through a choked snarl.

Her eyes met his, widening in surprise as she smirked. "Your daughter."


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