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An Egyptian doctor's conversation with a patient who died five years ago?

The psychiatrist and patient who died five years ago

By Mosap HomaPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

The events of the strange and mysterious story begin in the year 2022 in Cairo, Egypt, when my friend, Dr. Mustafa Saad, called me while he was trembling and stuttering, as Musab began to tell me, "I will tell you something, and I swear to you that everything I will say has actually happened to me", so I interrupted him and told him to calm down and tell me what happened in detail
He said, "A strange and strange situation happened to me that made me very confused and confused, and I felt goosebumps running through my body and I felt as if I was in a dream." Then he repeated the oath that what happened was reality, and he also told me that there was the secretary who worked for him testifying to the events that had happened, so I said, "Don’t talk and tell me what happened." I was curious, so Mustafa continued, saying
Two days ago, before I left work, the secretary entered and told me that there was a young man who wanted a treatment session, and that she had told the young man that the shift had ended and that he had to make an appointment in advance, so he insisted on the secretary to see me and talk to me, so I told the secretary, "Okay, let him enter the clinic
So the young man entered and was experiencing signs of sadness and depression and said to me, Doctor, please, I want you to help me. My beloved has died a long time ago, and I cannot forget her. I feel a lot of pain at her separation, and I feel that every day I want to end my life. I came to tell you that I am thinking of ending my life. I told him to calm down. I took his personal information, such as name, phone number, and some other information, and I said, "We will schedule a session in two days so that we can sit down and do a treatment session, and I will be there Waiting for you here, I interrupted the doctor again and said, "Okay, what happened next
He told me that the strange thing began today morning when it was time for the treatment session for the young man. He did not come. Here I felt worried about him, especially since he told me his thoughts about ending his life, so I immediately called the number he gave me. Here was the surprise that the one who answered an old woman, so I said to her, Hello, I am Dr. Mustafa, is so-and-so here, there is an appointment between us today, and I received a shocking response from the lady, my son, is she kidding me that She says that my son, who died five years ago, came to your clinic and made an appointment for a treatment session here. I got goosebumps and started telling her, "I swear to you, ma’am, that your son has come and I have a certificate, as my secretary testifies with me that my words are true." Here she started saying, surprised, "Can you describe me?" The young man said, "Yes", and I described him accurately, and she said, "Indeed, the descriptions match the descriptions of my deceased son." Here, my fear increased I told her, "Can I see a picture of your son?" She said, "Of course you can come to our house whenever you want." Indeed, I quickly went to the young man’s house and entered, and the old lady and her husband received me. I told them that their son came and told me about his beloved and his feeling of wanting to end his life. The old lady told me, "Indeed, my son had a lover." She had died, and when she died, my son’s psychological state began to get worse day after day until he ended his life, so I said Please show me his picture, she said okay, and she went to an inner room and brought me a personal picture of her deceased son, and here the shock was that this young man in the picture was the same young man who spoke to me in my clinic, so here I felt dizzy in my head and fainted from the horror of the situation and the shock
I interrupted the doctor and said, "Are you sure of what happened?" He said, "I swear to you, I swear, Musab, that everything that happened is a reality, and I found no one but you, being my friend, to tell him what happened." I told him, "It’s okay, my friend." You calmed down with a little silence, then he screamed and stopped talking, and the shock was that my friend Mustafa died of a heart attack after the incident
The story was copied from an Egyptian journalist


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