'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - Theories

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Theories and Speculations About the Season So Far (Spoiler Alert!)

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - Theories

The eighth season is quickly nearing its climax, and yet there's so much going on, so many questions and theories being thrown about, so I have compiled some of my theories about the season and where I think it's going.

So what do we know so far? The witches of Coven are back and we've been thrown into a flashback for the past few episodes. The last thing we saw of the Apocalypse world was when Cordelia resurrected Mallory, Coco, and Dinah.

Theory 1: It's a trap!

AHS Apocalypse: Witches

All hands on deck to stop Michael; Outpost 3 has been a trap for him set by the witches all along. Why else would they spend most of the season showing us what the witches got up to in the time running up to the apocalypse?

Mallory, Coco and Dinah have clearly been planted there as spies for the Coven, so it would make sense for other people to be there undercover. We know from the most recent episode that Bubbles is an excellent actress and witch, so who knows if Evie Gallant is just a character she is playing—which makes me wonder if Mr. Gallant is just Kyle Spencer (Coven) in disguise, explaining why we haven't seen him yet.

  • Maybe Mallory healed Kyle's scars? We've already seen her undo wounds on a dead bird, and also open up Coco's neck to remove a snowball that she choked on and died. I wouldn't be surprised if she fixed Kyle too.
  • Where are Zoe, Queenie, and Misty after the apocalypse? This just makes me wonder more if they are all using a glamour to hide their true selves—disguised as the other guests at Outpost 3.

Theory 2: Coco the Supreme

AHS Apocalypse: Coco and Mallory

So far we've seen Mallory show powers never before seen by the Coven, but this doesn't necessarily mean she is the next supreme. I have a strange feeling that the writers are trying to trick us into believing this, but in reality, Coco is the next supreme. No one would have guessed Cordelia would have been the last one, and she does keep telling Coco there is more to her powers.

  • Maybe Mallory is a descendant of a previous supreme? Possibly Scáthach from My Roanoke Nightmare, who is the original supreme, this would explain why she is so powerful.
  • If Mallory was the next supreme I don't think it would be so obvious, and it would be a kick in the teeth for anyone who's doubted Coco.
  • I've read rumours that Mallory is a Nephilim, this isn't impossible due to the powers she has exhibited but I don't personally believe this is the case.

Theory 3: Who is Michael Langdon?

AHS Apocalypse: Tate Langdon

Michael Langdon is the son of Vivian Harmon and Tate Langdon, or so we were led to believe prior to "Return to Murder House." As it turns out, the house was using Tate—something was possessing him when Michael was conceived.

Micheal is said to be the spawn of Satan himself, the Anti-Christ born to wreak havoc and bring about the end of days.

  • Perhaps whatever is in the gimp suit is what possessed Tate, and now Micheal has control over it.
  • So far in the flashbacks, Micheal still seems scared and confused about where he fits into all of this. Even after the apocalypse he seems scared that Mallory has powers. He's still not prepared. Is he not powerful enough?
  • What if Micheal is Satan himself? But the only way for him to do what needed to be done, he had to be born a child, without any memory of his previous life. The scene we see in "Return to Murder House" where we see his devilish shadow could be proof of this.
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Lexi Knight
Lexi Knight
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