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A story about a psychopath

Things where going missing

By Chisom EstherPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Strange things are happening

In the small, sleepy town of Greenwood, the arrival of Dr. Adrian Blackwood caused quite a stir. He was charming, handsome, and an exceptional neurosurgeon with an enigmatic air about him. The townspeople were thrilled to have such a distinguished professional in their midst. Little did they know, behind his captivating smile and soothing voice lay the mind of a psychopath.

Adrian had always been different. As a child, he found joy in manipulating his friends, finding their fears, and exploiting them. His parents thought it was just a phase, a quirk of childhood, but it wasn’t. Adrian’s fascination with control grew as he did, sharpening his mind like a scalpel. By the time he entered medical school, he had perfected his mask of normalcy, hiding his true nature behind a façade of geniality and brilliance.

In Greenwood, Adrian quickly became a beloved figure. He hosted lavish dinner parties, charming his guests with tales from his travels and his medical triumphs. But underneath this veneer of perfection, he was meticulously planning his next move. For Adrian, the thrill of surgery had always been more than just saving lives; it was about holding someone’s life in his hands, feeling their heartbeat slow under his control.

It wasn’t long before strange occurrences began to plague the town. Pets went missing, only to be found mutilated in ways too precise to be the work of an animal. The local police were baffled, attributing the incidents to a sick individual with a twisted mind. Little did they suspect the respected doctor who volunteered at the local shelter, often helping to search for the missing animals.

Adrian relished the chaos he was creating. Each new victim was a puzzle, a canvas for him to express his darkest desires. He took meticulous care in planning his abductions, choosing his victims carefully. They were often people who wouldn’t be missed right away – drifters, the elderly living alone, those on the fringes of society. He would abduct them in the dead of night, taking them to a secluded cabin deep in the woods.

There, in his hidden sanctuary, Adrian became the maestro of his own symphony of horror. He experimented with their minds and bodies, exploring the boundaries of human endurance. His surgical precision was unmatched, and he documented every procedure, every reaction, in a series of leather-bound journals that he kept hidden in a locked drawer.

Despite the growing unease in Greenwood, the town's admiration for Dr. Blackwood never wavered. His calm demeanor and reassuring presence provided a stark contrast to the rising sense of dread. He even offered his medical expertise to help the police, guiding them away from any real leads, ensuring they never came close to discovering his true nature.

As the months passed, Adrian grew bolder. He began to leave subtle clues, taunting the investigators with hints of his identity. He found immense pleasure in watching them stumble in the dark, growing ever more desperate as the body count rose. He knew he was untouchable, his mask of normalcy impenetrable.

But like all masterful deceptions, cracks began to form. One of his victims, a young woman named Emily, managed to escape. Barely alive, she stumbled into town, her horrific injuries telling a story of unimaginable torment. She whispered one name before slipping into unconsciousness: "Blackwood."

The revelation hit Greenwood like a thunderclap. The beloved doctor, the man who had seemingly dedicated his life to saving others, was the monster they had been hunting. As the police closed in on his home, Adrian remained eerily calm. He knew his time had come, but he also knew he had left an indelible mark on the town.

As the officers stormed his house, they found it empty. Adrian had vanished, leaving behind only his journals and a chilling note: "You will never find me, but you will always remember me."

Greenwood never recovered from the horror inflicted by Dr. Adrian Blackwood. His name became synonymous with fear, a cautionary tale of the darkness that can hide behind the most charming of smiles. And somewhere, in the shadows, Adrian continued to watch, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again.


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