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"A Small Flashlight"

"The Flicker in the Dark"

By IsraPublished about a month ago 3 min read
"A Small Flashlight"
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In the heart of an ancient forest, where gnarled trees intertwined like the fingers of forgotten specters, lay a cabin that time had nearly swallowed whole. Its weathered timbers creaked in protest against the whispering winds that carried tales of centuries past. Inside, a solitary figure huddled by a flickering candle, seeking refuge from the encroaching darkness that seemed to press against the fragile sanctuary.

Sarah had come to the cabin seeking solace from the chaos of city life, hoping the silence of the woods would quiet the restless thoughts that plagued her. But tonight, as she sat by the dim light of the candle, a sensation of unease crept into her bones like a chill that refused to be shaken off. The forest outside was eerily silent, devoid of its usual nocturnal symphony.

Just as Sarah contemplated retiring for the night, a sudden flash of light pierced the darkness, illuminating the cabin for a fraction of a second before plunging it back into obscurity. Startled, Sarah's heart skipped a beat, her breath catching in her throat as she strained to discern the source of the mysterious gleam. Was it a trick of her tired mind, or had something truly stirred in the shadows?

With trembling hands, Sarah reached for the lantern beside her, its feeble glow offering little comfort as she ventured cautiously towards the window. Peering into the night, she searched the tree line beyond, half-expecting to see glowing eyes or a spectral figure staring back at her. Yet the forest remained cloaked in silence, its secrets hidden within the embrace of the ancient oaks.

As Sarah turned away, her eyes fell upon an old journal nestled among the dusty shelves—a relic left behind by previous occupants, its pages yellowed with age and inked with faded script. Curiosity mingled with apprehension as she flipped through the brittle pages, reading tales of whispers that danced on the edge of sanity, of shadows that moved with a life of their own under the moon's watchful gaze.

Lost in the haunting prose, Sarah almost missed the soft patter of footsteps outside—a rhythmic sound that seemed to echo the beating of her own heart. Gripped by a sudden urgency, she extinguished the lantern, casting the cabin into darkness once more, save for the flickering candle that now seemed like a feeble beacon against the encroaching unknown.

Minutes stretched into eternity as Sarah waited, her senses straining against the oppressive silence that settled like a shroud. And then, without warning, the cabin was bathed in another flash of light, more brilliant than before—a blinding brilliance that seared her vision and left her momentarily disoriented.

When Sarah's vision cleared, she found herself staring into a pair of eyes that glowed with an otherworldly luminescence, their intensity piercing through the veil of shadows that clung to the corners of the cabin. Fear and fascination mingled in equal measure as she beheld the figure before her—a creature neither wholly human nor beast, its form translucent yet unmistakably corporeal.

A voice, soft as the rustling leaves outside, spoke in a language that stirred ancient memories within Sarah's soul—a language of forgotten lands and forbidden knowledge. Though she could not comprehend the words, their meaning resonated deep within her, awakening a primal instinct that urged her to flee or to stay and unravel the mysteries that lay hidden beneath the surface of reality.

With a courage born of desperation and curiosity, Sarah reached out, her fingers brushing against the creature's ethereal form. In that instant, the cabin dissolved around her, melting into the mists of time as she embarked on a journey that would forever alter the course of her existence.


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