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Story About ghost cat

By Nagmus SaqibPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In this article, I am discussing a story. I hope you like this story.

My nephew Don is a scorpio as well as a whimsical boy. I have told many stories about his achievements. But the story I am telling now is very strange and mysterious. So far, I myself have not understood the gist of this incident. I gave an explanation. But that's completely fake.

Ashad month After a few days of rain from morning to afternoon, the sky became clear in the afternoon. But the condition of the roads in this poor city of ours has become deplorable. Water has accumulated in the ditches. Mud and stones are mixed with the rough pitch in such a way that there is a chance of getting crushed. There are various types of vehicles on it. Ashamka will splash like dirt on the road and tear clothes.

In this situation, the desire to go out as usual had to be suppressed. Rather, it is better to sit quietly and read a detective novel. So I took a book called Katamundu from the rack.

I just opened the page of the book and suddenly felt a strong pinch on the back. I got up! Then I turned around and saw Mr. Don standing with a calm face. I said angrily, "I'm telling you to slap me." I didn't tell you; if I have something to say, I will come forward and say it. Never pinch from behind like that.”

Don did not heed my threat. He said with a calm face, "I'm going to see the chariot fair."

"Let's go. Why are you pinching me?”

"You will take me."

"I took it yesterday. What else will I show at the fair every day?"

"I'll buy a cat." Don grabbed the book from my hand.

I understand that Katamundur is no longer protected in Kathmandu. So I said with a smile on my face, "Yesterday I bought you a chariot and a tiger." Six six! Will you put the cat next to the tiger?"

Don didn't smile. He did not remove his hand from the book. He said with a calm face, Bhonda, the cat is the aunt of the tiger. The tiger will get angry if he does not see Masi. Uncle! You wake up soon. Do you know what will happen if you are late?

He gripped the book tighter. I had to get up. I said, "Okay. Come on, I'm going. Now take your hands off the book, like Laksheechel.

"The price of the cat is 10 rupees, uncle! Mother gave me three rupees. Didi gave me two rupees."

“Yes. I have to pay the remaining five rupees. But the price is ten rupees; who told you?"

"Aren't I just coming from the chariot fair?"

"What do you say? How did you get to this waterhole? I don't see any tears in your shoes!"

"Through Bhondad's sugarcane garden, through Buroshiva's temple floor, then..."

"Understood, understood! Now drop the book!”

"First, you pay five rupees."

I opened the drawer of the table and gave him a five-taka note. Then Don removed his hand from the book. Then he suddenly smiled and said, "But you will go with me, uncle!"

“Why? Go alone as you went alone. Buy a cat.”

Dan widened his eyes and said, "Wouldn't it be late to return from the fair?" Jata Baba resides near the Buro Shiva temple. Then you know, uncle? Bhondad has skandhakata in the mango garden. Skandhakata guards the garden. Otherwise, all the mangoes would have been stolen. Bhonda was saying: And you know, uncle? -"

Without going further, I said, "Let's go."Let's go out.”

In fact, Dawn has given us the opportunity to spend such a beautiful, sunny afternoon outside instead of sitting at home reading a book. Be it a pinch or five rupees, I was so happy with Don in the end.


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  • Test2 months ago

    Well written! Good job!

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