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3 Most Terrifying Cursed Objects in The World

Terrifying Curse That Won't Let You Sleep At Night

By Abdul Hannan SaifPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

When people die they leave behind many things some leave a legacy some leave mysteries and some really messed up people leave cursed objects many of these terrifying objects have brought great misfortune to their owners manifesting themselves and financial and health walls crazy hauntings and even death and it's not like when people find the supposedly cursed objects they go and destroy them right away nope they decide the best thing to do with something that brings around the misery and death it's just to keep it and sometimes put it in a museum so that more people can see what a spawn of Satan actually looks like so here are some of the most terrifying cursed objects that are still around today.


Thomas Busby's chair, let me ask you guys do you have a favorite chair maybe your house or a local coffee shop now do you love that chair so much you would consider cursing it so that after you die no one else can sit on it without dying probably not right because you're not crazy well that's apparently what Thomas Busby did in 1702 right before he was executed for strangling his father-in-law to death for yep sitting in his chair I mean you would think this was the Osaki os-4000 zero-gravity massage recliner with something but keep in mind this was 1702 and the chair is just a typical wooden chair and in a pub no less so that they would somehow contour to crazy Tom's but I don't know but this man really love this chair he loved this so much that his final request was to stop at the pub he frequented before he went to the gallows inside the pub crazy Tom cursed his own chair saying that anyone who sat in the chair the other day he would die a sudden horrible death the story became public some patrons would dare each other to sit on the chair of death and they really shouldn't have because those men who sat in the chair and then went off to fight in World War two never returned from battle and supposedly everyone who has ever sat in a chair has died shortly after does even includes a cleaning woman who accidentally fell into it while mopping eventually the chair claimed enough lives for it to be placed far away from the bar today this chair hangs five feet off the ground at the thirst Museum in North York Shire England so that no person would ever fall claim to these curse ever again you know if this chair is really cursed and if I was a professional assassin or hitman I was somehow by war still this chair because that would make my job so much easier so instead of all that assassination work where I have to scope out the target and then put my life on the line I just invite him over for tea and be like come in have a seat.


The Crying Boy, Italian artist Giovanni Brock Golan painted a picture of a super creepy crying boy that somehow became very popular in the 1950s and had many prints made you know why the boys crying because there's one thing creepier than a creepy little boy and that's a crying creepy little boy because that's what happens when you run into a little ghost kid they're usually crying because they want you to feel sympathy they want you to get close to them to ask him what's wrong that's why they kill you anyway in 1985 a British newspaper reported that a print of this painting was in a home that burned down in a fire in the painting was the only thing that escaped unharmed and apparently there are dozens of stories regarding the painting and tragic fires both before and after this article where a each case the painting was the only thing that survived the flames in a BBC Radio 4 production called punt P I Steve punt a British writer and comedian investigated the curse of the crime boy although the program is meant to be funny it still researched a history of the crying boy painting reaching the conclusion that the prints were coated with varnish containing fire repellents and that's why it didn't burn but it could not explain why no other paintings treated with similar varnish escaped the flames that's because they weren't coated with evil now my only question is why would so many people want to hang a picture of a sobbing kit on their walls in the first place do people just want to wake up and be in a bad mood what a lovely day the sun is shining I'm feeling great well time to go take a look at that crime boy painting and embrace that miserable feeling.

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  • Queen Minaak3 months ago

    Woaah!!! Interesting..

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