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3 Most Terrifying And Dangerous Evil Ghosts From Around the World

Terrifying But Interesting

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La Llorona, here's a ghost you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley along a dark river and speaking of dark alleys and dark rivers you know how people always say I wouldn't want to run into that thing in a dark alley but what the heck are you doing in a dark alley in the first place you're not Batman some people might say oh well it's a shortcut do you really need to save that much time I mean is the chance of being dismembered by a ghost really worth being a couple of minutes late for dinner also, there's a reason people always say they love long walks on the beach because you know what long walks I love a dark River that's just weird anyway for those of you who are foolishly brave and loved taking a long walks along dark rivers where lakes in Mexico you should also watch out for La Llorona legend has it that a woman named Maria drowned her own children in a river there are many variations as to why exactly Maria drowned her children but what remains consistent is that after Maria killed her children she killed herself as well now Maria is condemned to walk the earth as La Llorona the weeping woman searching endlessly for her children kids are warned not to go out after dark because if you resemble her dead children la Llorona will first ask for your forgiveness and then drag you screaming to a watery grave to replace them, people who claim to have seen la Llorona say she appears around rivers world lakes in Mexico at night we're in the late evening dressed all in black with long black hair some believe those who hear the wails of La Llorona are marked for death so first of all stop taking walks along dark rivers because that's just kind of like auditioning to be on unsolved mysteries with the back of a milk carton also if some random woman comes up to you asking for forgiveness just know that even if she's not a ghost a woman coming up to apologize for no reason is pretty much unheard of so, just run.


Shirl is a ghost in the folklore of India usually taking the form of a woman a churro is said to be created when a pregnant woman dies during the festival of Diwali which is the Hindu festival of light some variations say it occurs when a woman dies during childbirth, either way, they return to the land of the living bent on revenge because of their bitterness due to their unborn child's death often found in the wilderness a Shirl has feet that are flipped 180 degrees allowing her to walk backward while she mesmerizes the victim with her eyes so kind of like a zombie hypnotist if her gaze is not shunned usually through a cloth or blanket over one's own eyes she will lead the victim to a secluded location and dream them of their blood a Shirl's desired a victim is often her own family for she is angry at not being properly cared for during her pregnancy if the body is buried with meticulous care and respect, Shirl's bloodlust might also be satisfied.


Phi Tai Hong, In Thailand people who suffer excessively cruel deaths are left unburied or without the proper funeral rites turn into ghosts known as phi tai Hong a pregnant woman, I'm sensing a trend here is said to be the most powerful version of this ghost as she has the strength of two thanks to her unborn child so can you imagine if that Kate Plus 8 woman became a pizza at home she could destroy us all anyway places of extreme violence such as war zones war natural disaster areas are said to be strong breeding grounds for Phi Thi Hong as they often involve young people whose time hasn't come shrine czar often built in these places as a way to persuade the ghosts to leave usually, the Phi Thi Hong stays near the place of its death waiting for another living person to come by if possible the ghosts will try and kill the unlucky a person hoping that they will take his place and free itself from its spiritual bondage there were even laws passed in the 14th century which goes into detail about murder when some were murdered another person especially a child they were often forced to keep the corpse in their house for a predetermined amount of time this was an effort to create a Phi Thi Hong which would then torment the murderer.

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