3 Main Reasons Why the New Halloween Will Be the Best Since the Original

Screw the other sequels, this is the movie we've been waiting 40 years to see.

3 Main Reasons Why the New Halloween Will Be the Best Since the Original

What are the three main reasons, you ask?

Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis! Just kidding. She is absolutely one of the main reasons, but there is a lot more going on with this sequel. Will this be the sequel that Halloween fans deserve? Yes! I really do think this is it. And the studios owe it to us after that bullshit they threw in our face during Halloween: Resurrection. Just like this movie, let's just pretend that never happened.

Here are the three main reasons why this Halloween will be the best since the sequel.

1. John Carpenter is involved.

Yes, the horror master himself is involved in this sequel. John Carpenter hasn’t been involved since writing the first sequel in 1981. While speaking to Business Insider about the upcoming movie, Danny McBride said that John Carpenter (who is also Executive Producer) has been involved "every step of the way — casting or script — we've gotten his blessing on all these things to make sure it's all in line." That should be music to any Halloween fan’s ears!

2. Danny McBride is taking Halloween back to the basics which made the original so scary.

It seems that Danny McBride has learned from other’s mistakes when it comes to making sequels to a beloved horror classic. Well, that and he just happens to be a super fan of the original. The original was so terrifying because of the mystery and suspense. Unlike the sequels, the original managed to terrify us without showing even a drop of blood. Sure, there are on-screen deaths, but no blood. It seems that may be just the direction that this sequel is going. Bring back the suspense and the creepy atmosphere!

One aspect of the creepy atmosphere that they definitely are bringing back is the fact that Michael was so unpredictable. Other than escaping from a mental institute we have no idea of what his motive is to kill these teens…which made him extra creepy.

The Scream Queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis believes that this sequel is going to be “astonishingly scary.”

See the image below:

Sounds scary!

3. This will be the showdown between Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode that we have all been waiting for.

My hopes and dreams for this movie is that it will be the Halloween 2 we all have been waiting for and what Halloween H2O was supposed to be…the showdown between Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode. I can’t believe it has been 20 years since that sequel, but the hype for that movie was real! Fans and casual moviegoers alike were thrilled by the fact of the showdown between Laurie and Michael.

But really, this needs to be what Halloween H2O sought out to accomplish…and needs to NOT be erased by a cheesy follow up. I applaud Jamie for hating what they wanted to do and made them kill her off (again). I mean, honestly, Halloween: Resurrection was a joke…we all know it. I really think that they learned from that mistake and history will not repeat itself. Hopefully, Jamie read the fine print of the contract this time. Let’s be honest, no one is upset that Resurrection exists in this storyline. Let's all pretend that just never happened.

There is only one of these classic characters making it out of this movie alive and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down!

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