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2 Stories that will scare you to the bone

Horror stories, that will scare you even for a moment.

By SRenaSPublished 10 months ago 4 min read
2 Stories that will scare you to the bone
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2 girls named Amber and Anna were twins. Amber would follow Anna all the time, do everything Anna does, eat everything Anna eats. But she never talked to anyone, not even Anna. She would always stay quiet and follow Anna. But Anna didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Anna had a friend named Jessie. They all went to the same boarding school. Jessie, Anna, and Amber would always hangout together all the time. Sometimes Jessie tried to talk to Amber, but she wouldn’t say anything, and simply just ignore her. So Jessie stopped trying.

One day, when Anna and Jessie were chatting, Jessie suddenly told Anna the story of the ghost of their school. The story goes as follows:

When the school was newly established, just a few students started attending school. One of them was a girl named Rina. She was a very joyful girl. She would get along with anybody easily.

But one day a few girls were started getting jealous of her. So one day, they pretended to be Rina and spread rumours about her. Everyone started despising Rina.

And one day she just disappeared and never to be found again. Now rumours say she still hunts the school. And chooses someone and disguises herself as them. But when she is not disguised, she looks like a tall figure with hair all over its body with two white soulless eyes and a grinning smile.

By Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

It was enough to make Anna scared.

After a few days, in the middle of the night, Jessie called Anna and told her to come over to her dorm as they were going to play a game which can communicate with spirits and she wants to know wha really happened to Rina.

Anna agreed. She made her way towards Jessie’s room even though it was really dark. Upon entering the room she saw that Jessie was waiting for her along with a couple of their other friends.

But something was wrong. Anna looked at everyone, but a expression was written all over theirs faces, like they want to ask something to her. Then Jessie broke the silence,

“Anna, didn’t Amber come? Doesn’t she always follow you everywhere?”

“Amber? Who’s Amber?” Anna said in confusion.

“Amber your sister? Your twin?” Jessie said nervously.

“What? I don’t have a sister, let alone a twin.”



There were three friends in a boarding school, Railie, Kaitie and Jane. They were know as the most popular best friends. They would hangout all the time, have study sessions, sleepovers in each other’s dorm room etc.

But they had one hobby in particular. They enjoyed reading or even talking about horror stories. Sometimes they would get scared reading some horror stories, but that’s what they enjoyed the most about it. Even though sometimes they would get reading it, but they never believed in it.

If anything strange happens that is not explainable in any way, they would just ignore it and mock it. They would just make jokes about it and brushes it off. After all ghosts are not real, or are they…?

One morning Railie suddenly called Kaitie and Jane on a group call. She wanted to play the ouija board with them,

"What!" kaitie said.

"Sounds fun!" Jane said

"No! It dose not sound fun at all! Haven't you heard about the stories online? It can be dangerous." kaitie than explained.

"It dosen't have to be, I don't think anything will happen. we'll be doing this just for fun. Didn't you say you were not scared of these things." Railie said.

"I'm not, I'm just worried.. anyways, when do we come?"

"At midnight"

"Okay." Both Kaitie and Jane replied.

During the day, they attended all their classes, did their homeworks and just did their daily life activities.

And soon the clock hit midnight. Kaitie made he way towards Railie's room. Upon entering, she saw Railie had already prepared everything. All there was left was waiting for Jane's arrival. 5 minutes went by, then 10 minutes, still no sign of Jane.

After about 15 minutes, Jane finally arrived.

"What took you so long?" Railie asked.

"Sorry, it was just so dark on the way that is slowed me down." Jane replied.

"Thats alright. I thought you weren't coming. Anyways, you both can sleep over at my dorm tonight."

"Alright, lets start the game now, shall we?" Kaitie said.

"Sure." Railie replied.

And just like that they started playing.

At first it was all fun and games. they were playing joking around until the planchet started moving. It was moving to different directions making them scared and freeze in their places.

They knew they couldn't stop now. So they continued.

After a few minutes later Jane broke the silence,

"Guys! What are you so serious about? It was just me!"

"What?" Railie replied.

"I was just moving it! I was just joking with you guys." Jane laughed.

"Why would you do that! We actually got so scared!" Kaitie shouted.

"Sorry, sorry. Now lets head to bed." Jane said.

"Fine.. But don't do this again!" Kaitie said.

By Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

In the morning, Railie and Kaitie woke up to seeing Jane was not there. They thought she probably left early, as Jane is a part of many clubs and often she has to go to the clubs early in the morning.

Railie and Kaitie were talking by the lockers,

“Look, Jane is here.” Said Railie.

Jane quickly made her way towards them.

“Guys! Guys! Please don’t be angry, I got so scared thinking of it, that I didn’t come” Jane said, in a rush.

“What? What do you mean? Why would we be angry? And of what did you get scared of?” Kaitie replied.

“So your not angry?”

“Why would we be angry?”

“Cause I didn’t come yesterday”

“What do you mean? You did come yesterday..” Railie said.

“No! I didn’t, I told you I got scared thinking of it. Are guys teasing me?” Jane replied.

“But if you didn’t come, who was with us yesterday..?”


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran10 months ago

    Omgggg so Rina was pretending to be Amber! And Jane, someone pretended to be Jane!

SRenaSWritten by SRenaS

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